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Need an explanation?????


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Sending my S63 in for maintenance at the factory today. Checked up on Mercedes-me to check whether the job was done. They were definitely working on it since the doors and windows were unlocked and open. Please educate me as to the rationale for the open windows. This is something I observed last year, so it must have some significance. Any thoughts, fellas???????
Loaner vehicle was a brand-new CLA 200, which is zippy but too sporty for me. It features a "gauge" in the middle of the cluster that displays mpg and a charging area, however the latter only activates when the driver is coasting downhill with their foot off the accelerator. I have no idea what role it plays. I was afraid they could have handed me a battery-operated gadget. I wish I could have at least tried one out for a day, but I have no desire to acquire one. Gasoline is the fuel of the future.

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Perhaps it's waiting for the inside to stop smelling like McDonald's, KFC, Subway, burned rubber, or overheated discs and pads before signaling that it's ready for pickup after a thorough examination and a good warm-up.

Or, to prevent the frameless window glass from being damaged during construction.


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Beau Duke and Luke Duke were reportedly recently employed by your primary dealer to work as MG technicians. That may be the reason.

They should have checked references since they have been in legal issues from birth.

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