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Does anybody feel a sense of nostalgia or longing for the presence of a rear windscreen wiper?


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Greetings, everyone.

I am curious to inquire if there exists a desire among individuals for the inclusion of a rear wiper on their A7 vehicle. While acknowledging the potential visual drawbacks, I am curious about the practical implications of not having a rear wiper. Do you experience any inconveniences or limitations as a result?

Upon entering my Q5 automobile, I saw that the rear window was obscured by condensation. However, I promptly activated the rear wiper, which effectively eliminated the moisture and restored vision to its optimal level. This has prompted me to contemplate the significance of the A7. It is acknowledged that a limited number of individuals present in this context may not have had the chance to ascertain the inconvenience associated with snow. However, it is presumed that the majority of owners have encountered instances of condensation accumulation at least on a few occasions, given the passage of time.

I have a little inquiry, just out of curiosity.

Thank you for your response.

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Bosch wipers are very effective in efficiently clearing snow, especially in harsh temperatures such as those seen in Texas. These wipers demonstrate exceptional performance and reliability. Please be advised that the following statement is not intended as promotional material. I am sharing my personal experience on a common problem I had with both my Audi A3 and my wife's Honda vehicle.

During a period in the previous year, the front wiper had some difficulties, prompting the purchase of an aftermarket replacement. Regrettably, the specific brand of the replacement wiper has been forgotten. However, it is sad that the replacement wiper failed to function properly and, furthermore, resulted in additional damage to the windscreen. The occurrence may be attributed to the inadequacy of the wiper itself, which was not of satisfactory quality. Additionally, the size of the wiper was not a perfect match to its predecessor. Subsequently, I successfully rectified the issue; nonetheless, this experience imparted onto me the valuable lesson of consistently verifying the appropriateness of the wiper size to preempt any potential complications.

I would also recommend ensuring knowledge of the appropriate windscreen wiper size before to replacement in order to mitigate any complications. Personally, I adhere to a biennial schedule for the replacement of my Honda wiper blades.

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Over the course of the last decade, I have engaged in extensive A7-s diving, even in the harsh conditions of  winters characterised by sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall. The rear window heater is very efficient and effectively prevents any visibility issues. Additionally, the aerodynamic design of the vehicle's body contributes to maintaining a clean back window. The necessary action is to remove the collected snow before to departing by brushing it off.

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The configuration of the rear windscreen of my A7 vehicle functions as a funnel, directing the flow of rainwater into two distinct channels located on each side. This design feature effectively mitigates the impact of precipitation, ranging from light drizzles often seen in Southeast Asia to more intense downpours. Consequently, the central portion of the windscreen remains relatively unobstructed, providing improved visibility.

The effectiveness of the rain management system in a Q5 remains uncertain. However, it is evident in our Highlander, which has a conventionally positioned rear windscreen with a more vertical orientation, that rainwater does not flow down smoothly. Consequently, the use of a rear wiper becomes imperative to provide adequate visibility by removing moisture.

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