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Have I been deceived or tricked?


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I want guidance.
In June 2022, I purchased a 2012 C180 1.8 petrol vehicle from an authorised dealer. Prior to reaching 47.5k kilometres, the vehicle had a gearbox service in addition to general maintenance. I felt confident and relieved knowing that I had a 12-month Mercedes guaranteed warranty. Unfortunately, due to the warranty's limitation of not being extendable beyond a 10-year period, I was unable to renew the warranty in June 2023.
In October 2022, I returned it to them due to a rattling noise at startup, which promptly diminished. Initially, I suspected that the issue was with the exhaust system, but I was reassured that no abnormalities could be detected. It was just a case of a somewhat loud vehicle. I temporarily abandoned it since it only sometimes produced sound.
During the months of February and March 2023, a complimentary examination was conducted, which identified a leakage in the 'O' ring seal of the turbo oil feeder line, necessitating its replacement. I was given a guarantee that this was only a recommendation and did not need quick action. The task might be completed during the next service.
I was starting to doubt their diagnostic proficiency as the loudness continued to bother me. I brought the vehicle to a Mercedes expert to assess the condition of the timing chain and see whether it had sustained any damage or was affected in any kind. I was informed that it was not.
After almost a year of ownership, it was time to schedule the service and MOT. Prior to the expiration of my warranty, I returned the item to the primary dealer for servicing and MOT inspection, while also addressing the 'O' ring repair, which was not included in the guarantee coverage.
While settling the invoice at the dealership, I inquired if they had conducted a thorough examination of the vehicle during the repair and MOT to identify the source of the noise. They had only completed the tasks that were mandatory and compensated.
The representative from the dealership offered the option of doing a more thorough check, on the condition that I bring the vehicle to them and leave it for a day, while also being prepared to cover the cost of a one-hour inspection. I expressed my willingness to contemplate the matter, but I believed that the service, repair, and MOT had just been completed, so I decided to keep a close watch on the automobile. In October 2023, I discovered that my automobile emitted a noise reminiscent of an antiquated diesel vehicle. I contacted Mercedes to avail myself of the possibility for a paid examination.
The conclusion is that this engine, which has been completely maintained, is no longer functional after 61,000 miles. The presence of metal deposits in the oil filter has prompted the dealer to recommend replacing the engine. The expense of repairing the automobile exceeds its value, and Mercedes has declined to provide assistance. The request was made for my authorization to allocate 15 hours to investigate the cause. Do you have any opinions or ideas?

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Seek a further assessment.

Moreover, it is worth noting that you are excessively reliant on the warranty and experts to identify issues, despite the fact that you have just paid for a certain service, repair, and MoT. Regrettably, I understand that you may not be receptive to this information, but it is important to acknowledge that these affluent individuals at prestigious car dealerships are not operating as philanthropic organisations.

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And a year and a half.

Regrettably, it is unlikely that anybody can definitively determine if the concerns you voiced during the warranty period had any influence on the subsequent engine failure.

I recommend consulting an impartial expert to get an accurate estimate for the repair expenses or the replacement engine. The automobile may yet have value to salvage, albeit clearly not at the exorbitant hourly cost charged by the Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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If this £10k automobile, which was deemed suitable for sale by a reputable dealership in 2022, requires preservation, it would be advisable to consult an independent specialist or an engine expert to accurately assess the issue's severity and determine the associated expenses.

If we have knowledge about Tangoman's whereabouts, we may propose a nearby MB expert.

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I do not believe that you were deceived, but rather that you have experienced unfortunate circumstances. In retrospect, it would have been advisable to exert more effort in obtaining a diagnostic for the automobile while it was still covered by warranty. However, it is now too late to take any action. Based on prior accounts shared here, it is very unlikely that MB would provide any assistance in repairing an 11.5-year-old vehicle that is no longer under warranty. It is safe to assume that such assistance may be disregarded.
I would advise not engaging with used engines unless you possess the necessary skills to do the required tasks independently.
Dispose of your automobile by selling it for its individual parts or for repair purposes, accept the financial loss, and go on.

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I would be profoundly distressed if my petrol engine emitted a sound like that of a diesel engine during the first ignition process.

Despite having my current vehicle serviced exclusively by Mercedes for its entire 13-year lifespan, I would not trust them to do any diagnostic tasks. During the period when my automobile was still covered by its original 3-year guarantee, I encountered a rattling noise while starting the engine from a cold state. I brought it in for inspection, but I was informed that no abnormal sounds were detected. Even during the subsequent service, I continued to perceive the sound, prompting me to request another inspection. I entrusted the automobile to them overnight so that they could assess its performance in a chilly state the following morning. However, they affirmed that they did not perceive any sounds. I suspected that they had gotten so used to the frequent noise of diesel engines that they had unconsciously filtered it out of their perception.

Upon the car's fourth servicing, the rattle had intensified in volume. Although not reaching the level of diesel beginning noise, it is nevertheless comparatively noisier. However, increasing the volume facilitated the process of pinpointing the exact site. Contrary to my previous belief, the source of the noise seemed to be the exhaust system rather than the engine. I lack the necessary tools to access the underside of the vehicle, but when laying on the ground beside it, I saw that the rattling noise seemed to originate from around one-third of the way down the exhaust system. Therefore, I requested that it be inspected while the service was being conducted.

The Mercedes technician discovered a fracture in the exhaust system precisely in the location I had guessed. The conspicuous darkness along the fissure, caused by the evacuation of gases, was clearly visible from the elevated position of the luxurious automobile. I must acknowledge the dealership for providing me with the accurate information on the cost of replacing the system. However, they also said that the fracture may perhaps be repaired by welding. They abstained from doing welding. I brought the automobile to a nearby automotive workshop where they performed welding on the exhaust pipe at a far lower cost compared to replacing the whole system. The issue of rattling on starting has been resolved. 😀

It is regrettable that Mercedes, despite their extensive expertise and advanced tools, were unable to identify the issue sooner. Advanced computer systems integrated inside the vehicle are incapable of performing such diagnostics.

Returning to the original poster's primary concern. The primary issue associated with the presence of metal fragments inside the oil filter is the lack of knowledge about their origin. I recommend prioritising the investigation of incoming data to see whether any new components are being received. Perform a comprehensive and meticulous oil flush, preferably by a knowledgeable individual, in conjunction with the replacement of the filter and oil. Upon reaching a distance of just a few hundred miles, it is advisable to remove the filter in order to meticulously inspect for any newly acquired metallic fragments.

During this period, it is advisable to use the services of a Mercedes expert who has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in order to inspect the engine and accurately determine the origin of the problem, rather than only relying on computer displays. Indeed, prioritise this as the first phase without delay. The potential harm caused by this entity may increase with each mile it covers. If the issue is addressed promptly, there is a possibility of recovering it.

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A Mercedes-Benz technician reported the presence of metallic particles in the oil.

To further emphasise your argument, it is important to reiterate that we lack information on the quantity and importance of the metal in question.

MB promptly rejected the client, explaining that the investigation alone would be exorbitantly expensive due to MB's high prices. Due of its inherent nature.

An individual with expertise or a discerning individual may examine this and formulate an opinion.

It is evident that the original poster does not intend to personally get beneath the automobile to do this task. It is not within his area of interest or expertise. He only has to locate the appropriate someone to do the task on his behalf.

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Thank you for your kind reply. The primary source of my complaint seemed to be emphasised in your personal encounter. I informed them about the issue within the warranty period, but they were unable of resolving it. I intended to prolong the warranty for a duration of three years, but, I encountered a limitation that restricts the extension to a maximum of 10 years. They knowingly sold me the vehicle without the possibility of extending the warranty, despite the car having very little mileage.
I have reached out to Mercedes customer care to solicit their assistance. I deemed it worthwhile to attempt, prior to taking other actions.

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Wishing you the best of success in your interactions with MB Customer Support. They provided assistance for the third occurrence of NOx failure when the automobile reached the age of 7, so do not lose faith. (My strategy of displaying kindness seemed to be effective.)

Nevertheless, the process of obtaining a definitive verdict from them may be time-consuming, as they will be reaching out to the dealership who provided your automobile in order to get their viewpoint. Continuing to drive your automobile in the interim might potentially cause more damage that may be irreversible. It is desirable that you possess access to other means of transportation.

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My suggestion is to refrain from driving it any longer. Refrain from initiating the process and disregard the idea of engaging with the authorised dealer unless you possess substantial wealth.
Locate a reputable automotive repair shop that has received favourable evaluations. An adept technician might swiftly detect this issue. In order to inspect the metal components in the oil pickup, it would be necessary to remove the sump. During this process, it would also be possible to examine the lower section, including the crankshaft, connecting rods, main bearings, and cylinder walls. If the issue does not pertain to the lower end, then it is probable that the problem is in the upper end, such as the camshaft, cam bearings, or followers. Substituting such components should not incur costs anything close to those of purchasing a brand new or previously used engine. It is important to anticipate and prepare for the worst-case situation, but I believe it is rare that it would result in a complete loss.
Activating the engine, however, might determine whether the object can be repaired or whether it would be irreparably damaged. After locating a garage, make arrangements to have the automobile transported there either by towing or on a flatbed truck. Most reputable garages will likely resolve this issue for you as well.
Wishing you the best of fortune in resolving the issue, I hope it proves to be a straightforward fix.

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