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Transitioning from a solid disc brake system to a vented disc brake system, what recommendations can you provide?

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The rear discs on my E250, which is a 14 plate model, are now solid and have a thickness of 10mm when they are new. I have noticed that there is an additional choice available for rear brake discs, which are vented and have a diameter of 22mm. Can a switch to a vented system be made?
Thank you.

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There are several factors to take into account:

Will larger callipers be necessary to handle the increased width of the discs?

If the connecting point is situated in a different place, it may be necessary to use other brake lines.

Is the internal handbrake the same size as the original disc?

Are the calliper mounting positions on your car the same as the donor's if they have a greater diameter?

Is a new brake bias valve required when the rear brakes have a greater diameter?

Since the majority of the braking is performed via the front brakes Is it worth the emotional distress and anguish?

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 I am unable to comprehend the measurements you have provided. Is the measurement 10mm followed by 22mm? What is the subject of your reference?

The modification you suggest is superfluous when considering brake performance and/or pad wear. However, if your intention is just for aesthetic purposes, then it is acceptable.

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If that is really the situation, then 'The Juice isn't worth the squeeze' ...as the saying goes.

Additional weight that is not supported by the suspension system, together with modified brackets and maybe new callipers, resulting in no benefit or advantage.

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As Dr. Johnson (portrayed by Robbie Coltrane) said in the television show Blackadder:

"It is akin to attaching wheels to a tomato: a task that requires a significant amount of time and is entirely superfluous."

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