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The CX-60 did not pass the Swedish elk-test.


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The Mazda CX-60 recently underwent the elk-test conducted by the renowned Swedish magazine "Vi Bilägare," which gained prominence for its involvement in the Mercedes A-class incident. Regrettably, the Mazda CX-60 did not pass the test. The left tyre had a near detachment, causing the rim to make contact with the asphalt surface. Currently, they are awaiting the arrival of a new set of tyres with criminal characteristics in order to conduct a further examination. Mazda has so far refrained from providing any response.
The current ambiguity is in the presence or absence of the updated suspensions in the automobile.

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I express strong criticism on the selection of vehicle tyres, lacking the necessary "extra loading" capacity peculiar to SUVs, PHEVs, or EVs, for the CX60. However, it is worth noting that the tyres used in the test are not original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tyres.

The wheel is equipped with a 104W XL tyre, perhaps manufactured by Goodyear, but the CX60 is equipped with either Bridgestone, Toyo, or Yokohama (18-inch) tyres with a load index of 100W.

Based on my own encounter with Mazda UK, it is evident that Mazda's level of transparency is comparable to that of dark, turbid water. Therefore, it is not unexpected that they refrained from providing any comments.

Koni conducted a bench test on both the "old" and "new" dampers and determined that there is little disparity between them. However, it was observed that both dampers had inadequate stiffness to be appropriately paired with the spring weights, resulting in an incongruous riding experience.

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There exists a separate discussion thread known as the "moose test," whereby the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) successfully demonstrated its capabilities. Regrettably, I am unable to provide a hyperlink to this post due to my limited proficiency in that regard.

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