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The W205 C Class vehicle is now in bootloader active mode. The command unit has ceased to function.


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Earlier today, I engaged in a commute to my workplace using my C300h vehicle, which lasted for a duration over one hour. Throughout the whole of this journey, all aspects of the vehicle's performance were satisfactory.

Following a duration of around 8 hours, I proceeded to activate the ignition, only to be met with a notable revelation on the central Comand display, which just displayed the word "Bootloader active".

Although the vehicle remained operable, several functionalities were inaccessible:

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The functionality of the temperature control system seemed to be operational; nevertheless, I had difficulty in accessing the display settings. Irrespective of the specific buttons I engaged, the only visual output I saw was the persistent display of the phrase "Bootloader active."

The compact screen located on the dashboard, positioned behind the steering wheel, continued to operate without any issues. However, while attempting to access any of the aforementioned features, none of them responded, resulting in the display of a single symbol. I apologise, but I cannot provide any assistance without any text or information to work with.

The Comand device was successfully restarted by the prolonged pressing of the CD eject button for a duration exceeding 10 seconds; nevertheless, no discernible changes or outcomes were seen. Upon repeated attempts, the central display becomes entirely devoid of any visual output, necessitating the repetition of the reset operation in order to restore the display to its initial state, whereby the message "Bootloader active" is at least visible once again.

The functionality of the Comand power button was completely non-responsive, even after being pushed for a duration exceeding 10 seconds. Additionally, repeated attempts to restart the ignition failed to alter the prevailing circumstances.

Have you encountered any similar experiences? The potential cause might be attributed to an unsuccessful over-the-air (OTA) software upgrade. I made no alterations to the situation, as previously said, my actions only consisted of parking my vehicle and thereafter retrieving it following the conclusion of my employment.

I express my gratitude.

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I appreciate your prompt response.
I have just returned from the automobile dealership.
I had initially anticipated a prompt resolution, however, the automotive service provider indicated the need of doing a thorough examination of the vehicle using their diagnostic instruments. They further suggested that the issue at hand may perhaps be resolved by just upgrading the software.
Regrettably, immediate execution of the task was unfeasible due to the lateness of the hour. Moreover, the procurement of a loan vehicle would have been necessary in any event.
An additional factor of significance is that the warranty reached its expiration date in late April of the current year. The relevance of my ownership of the automobile from its initial purchase and its continued coverage under a 2-year service plan may be deemed insignificant, notwithstanding the potential for the dealer to request a "gesture of goodwill" from MB UK, contingent upon the nature of the specific problem at hand.
Do you anticipate that the cost will be high?
In my perspective, the occurrence of a software problem may be attributed to either a defect included in the most recent dealer software update in April 2018 or, more likely, a failed over-the-air (OTA) update that likely occurred today between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00.

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I was previously unaware that the COMAND NTG 5.x system supports over-the-air (OTA) upgrades. Is the initiation of the process performed by the user or is it automated?

In terms of cost, all components of these automobiles are characterised by high prices. It is possible that the issue may be addressed by the implementation of the 'goodwill' plan; nonetheless, it is advisable not to have too optimistic expectations.

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The concept of "Mercedes goodwill" seems to include contradictory elements.

I own a Pioneer television. The product was accompanied by a warranty that lasted for a period of five years. A issue emerged around six months subsequent to the expiration of the warranty period. Pioneer covered the cost of the costly component, while I assumed responsibility for the manpower expenses. It would be advantageous if Mercedes-Benz were to provide a comparable service in this particular scenario. It would be more preferable to arrange it in a First-Order Condition (FOC) manner.

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if your supplier is unwilling to cooperate, would it be advisable to consider engaging in a conversation with this individual?

Comand Online Ltd offers various products, including map discs, Bluetooth devices, phone kits, and CDC kits, at discounted prices.

During the limited duration of my presence in this community, I have found the individual in question to possess commendable literary merit and a well-established position in comprehending the intricacies associated with the COMAND platform.

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I would like to express my gratitude for your prompt responses.
The circumstances remain unchanged after a restful night spent in my garage, specifically referring to the C300h rather than me.
The current status of the bootloader remains active, accompanied with an unusual fan noise originating from the centre console, which does not seem to be originating from the air vents. It is noteworthy to mention that the cessation of noise occurs momentarily when resetting the Comand system via the CD eject button.
Dear GeeJayW, Upon reflection, the possibility of an unsuccessful over-the-air (OTA) update comes to mind as a potential explanation for the observed behaviour of the Comand system. It is worth noting that the Comand system was functioning without any issues when the vehicle was parked at 8am yesterday. However, upon ignition 8 hours later, an unusual message indicating "Bootloader active" was shown.
MB Cheshire Oaks is scheduled to do an inspection of my vehicle on Wednesday, October 31st. I am very hopeful that I will not incur any charges for the software update, which may have had a defect initially, as has been reported in a few instances in Spain and the Netherlands. To yet, my encounter with MB Cheshire Oaks has been really satisfactory, hence I am optimistic that they will rectify the issue free of charge.
I will provide you with updates about any advancements. However, please notify me if you have any more ideas in the meantime.


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There has been no recent update provided, individuals.
Regrettably, the dealer's ability to examine the matter today was impeded by a pervasive IT malfunction. The subject matter evokes a sense of fear or unease.
I shall provide notification on the following day, with hopeful anticipation.

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Initially, it is worth noting that MB Cheshire Oaks successfully managed to restore the functionality of the Comand system. This was achieved by the remote resetting of the unit by MB Stuttgart. The programme was upgraded to the most recent iteration, and I was only had to pay a little fee for the effort used by the developers, a payment that I was pleased to make.
Additionally, the Start and Stop battery was replaced with a substantial 80% contribution from MB UK. This decision was made based on the previous replacement of the battery under warranty within a span of less than 2 years, as indicated in the aforementioned thread.
As a recent owner of the C300h Hybrid, I have noticed that the start/stop feature and electric mode do not seem to engage, even when the vehicle is set to Eco mode.

Subsequent to the onset of the "bootloader active" complication, I had a concurrent malfunction with the Start & Stop and hybrid functionalities for a duration of about three days. This occurrence mirrored a previous incident from two years ago, whereby the battery necessitated replacement. On the preceding Monday, during the period in which the Comand system was non-functional, the Start & Stop and hybrid functionalities were successfully restored.
Hence, the presence of a battery-related problem did not elicit surprise, and I am content with having resolved it.

Regrettably, the persistent auditory disturbance originating from the central console remains unresolved, prompting concerns of a potential correlation with the aforementioned battery malfunction. The auditory disturbance continues to exist even when both the engine and the Comand system are off. However, it can be conclusively attributed to the Comand unit, since the noise ceases momentarily upon activating the Comand system.

In conclusion, it seems that the Comand fan remains operational for an extended period of time after the vehicle's locking, a behaviour that started subsequent to the first occurrence of the "bootloader active" complications. This protracted operation of the fan has a detrimental impact on the battery's lifespan and is deemed atypical.
I intend to initiate contact with MB Cheshire Oaks on the following day, since regrettably, I became aware of the issue only upon returning home and parking my vehicle in the garage.

Have you had any difficulties pertaining to a disruptive Comand fan noise?
Is there a potential risk associated with my current situation that might have significant consequences in the future?


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Was a solution ever discovered for the issue? When I visited the authorised dealership, they informed me that there were no alternatives available save for purchasing a new command unit, which they deemed to be not cost-effective, leaving me with no other option than to accept the situation. We express our gratitude for your input.

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