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Refinishing BMW E61 Body Panels Due to Peeling Paint?


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Upon purchasing my vehicle, I encountered a paint-related concern. The accompanying photographs provide a comprehensive visual representation, with particular attention brought to the damaged region by the inclusion of a green border.

The tactile sensation of the paint is notably coarse and without any discernible luster, leading me to surmise that the previous owner habitually positioned the vehicle's rear portion in close proximity to a hedgerow for an extended duration.

Based on my understanding, it seems that the panel in question need a respraying process. I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Is the paint in this condition considered 'unprotected' and susceptible to potential flaking, which might lead to rust formation on the panel? Has the clear coat been abraded away?



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The vehicle has had previous body repairs that were executed inadequately, resulting in its current state of deterioration due to sun damage.
It is possible that following the aforementioned suggestion might provide satisfactory results; nonetheless, it is anticipated that a comprehensive respray in the indicated region would likely be necessary.

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There is a localized region of desiccated paint present on the rear passenger door of my vehicle. Based on the localized nature of the issue, it is plausible to surmise that the smart repair in question may have been executed poorly. I want to have the object undergo repainting in the foreseeable future; nevertheless, I am not very worried about safeguarding measures, since the first layer of paint will remain intact.

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Thank you all for your assistance. I have made arrangements to schedule an appointment to get a quotation.

Is ChipsAway well recognized for its high quality of work? Given that my vehicle is not a Ferrari and does not possess significant value, in addition to having various paint imperfections, it would be impractical to invest a substantial amount of money in obtaining the highest quality paint job. However, I am inclined to engage in periodic maintenance activities such as using a clay bar and polishing, and I would want to avoid any dissatisfaction resulting from a subpar paint job.

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I have used the services of Chipsaway for the purpose of repairing the damage caused to my Jaguar's wheels due to curbing. The technician assigned to the task shown commendable proficiency in executing the work. However, it is worth noting that the quality of the outcome may vary depending on the expertise and competence of the person doing the task.

If the vehicle had less value, I would proceed to use an electric polisher, along with a cutting compound and many cans of lacquer. It is recommended that the individual has a 1000-grade wet and dry qualification.

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