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I am now faced with a predicament and would really appreciate some guidance and counsel.


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I am now faced with a moral quandary and would really appreciate several perspectives on the matter.

I have been in possession of my 718 Spyder for a duration of two years at now. It is remarkable how swiftly time elapses. The current juncture necessitates a decision about the retention of the vehicle, either by fulfilling the balloon payment or by engaging in its sale.

The progress made so far has been rather straightforward.

I have not extensively used the automobile for many reasons, mostly due to my wife's dissatisfaction with its firmness and noise levels.
The vehicle in question has a mileage of only 2300 kilometers, and furthermore retains the protective covering on its audio, which is intended to be removed upon acquisition.

One vehicle that I often use is my Macan GTS automobile. Over the course of the last year, I have embarked on two separate journeys to Italy, and I am now making preparations for a third excursion scheduled to take place in the coming months. Undoubtedly, this vehicle stands as the most exceptional automobile I have ever had. The vehicle exhibits a high level of speed and athleticism while yet providing a satisfactory level of comfort. This automobile is well regarded by my spouse.

I have been granted a reservation for the production of a Macan vehicle, with a designated time frame of many months. I have successfully constructed the automobile inside the configurator platform. The Macan specification I want is reflective of my own aspirations.

However, I am unable to provide a valid justification for retaining both vehicles, since it is not feasible for me to maintain the Spyder while acquiring the new Macan. However, I hardly use the Spyder vehicle, and I own the 911 model in my garage that I seldom employ.

I had briefly contemplated the possibility of selling the 911; nevertheless, I immediately recognized that I would experience acute remorse if I were to go with such a decision.

I seldom use the Spyder and much less often do I employ the 911. However, each instance in which I operate the Spyder serves as a catalyst for my renewed affection for it. The aesthetic appeal of the subject matter is quite notable.

There are other alternatives available.

I recommend retaining both the Spyder and the contemporary Macan, since the latter is a fantastic vehicle. The automobile manufactured in 2016 has a very advanced set of features.

I propose the sale of the Spyder in favor of acquiring the New Macan GTS, a decision that would undoubtedly provide satisfaction. However, it is important to acknowledge the anticipated feeling of nostalgia that may arise from parting with the Spyder. The mere contemplation of seeing my Spyder positioned at the showroom upon my arrival to get my new GTS would evoke a sense of distress.

It is recommended to sell the Porsche 911 and retain ownership of the Porsche Spyder, while concurrently placing an order for the acquisition of a new Porsche Macan. Furthermore, it is quite unlikely that such an event would occur.

What does option 4 entail? Is there a singular entity or phenomenon that can be identified in this context?

Please observe this automobile. The subject of discussion has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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In a span of 9 months, I have accumulated a much greater mileage of 6,000 miles in my 718 Spyder compared to your mileage over a period of 2 years. I have a strong affinity for the Spyder vehicle and am uncertain about potential alternatives in the event of its hypothetical sale, a scenario that I do not see occurring within the foreseeable future.

I have not had the opportunity to operate a GT2 RS vehicle. That is likely to possess a significant level of uniqueness or distinction.

If I had to make a decision, I would choose to retain the Spyder and GT2RS models, while forgoing the acquisition of a new Macan. It is advisable to retain the current possessions and get satisfaction, use, and gratitude from them. It is recommended to use the Spyder software more often. Each drive may be seen as an occurrence.

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Upon careful examination of the aforementioned statement, it becomes evident that option 1 becomes non-existent.

The means by which one chooses to fund the aforementioned event is a matter of personal discretion. However, it is worth noting that the Spyder seems to serve mostly as a decorative object.

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According to my cognitive faculties, it is evident that such action is advisable. However, my own inclination is to retain the Spyder. The Boxster has been my first Porsche acquisition, and afterwards, I have acquired each subsequent variant. I am cognizant of the fact that no more production of the aforementioned items will occur, with the exception of electric vehicles (EVs), which do not pique my interest. The automobile in question represents my ideal specifications.

This particular issue presents a significant challenge.

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Herein lies an additional perspective on the matter...

The Macan serves as a reliable and efficient workhorse, equipped with desirable specifications. It is recommended to use the vehicle accordingly and get satisfaction from its performance.

Spyder is an exceptionally unique entity. There is a cessation in production.

The GT2RS may be described as an exceptionally unique and remarkable vehicle.

Why would one choose to dispose of a rare vehicle that may become very difficult to get again in the future (should one chose to or regret parting with it), just to purchase an upgraded and utilitarian vehicle with perhaps more features or enhancements?

It is evident that you possess a strong affinity for automobiles, as your sentiments about the Spyder and GT2RS models reflect a deep connection rooted in emotion and passion. It is reasonable to surmise that these particular models evoke a greater sense of emotional fulfillment and passion compared to the Macan, given its distinct characteristics and performance capabilities. Consequently, it is advisable to maintain your current automobile collection in its present state and allocate more time to engage with the aforementioned specialized vehicles.

After each excursion in my Spyder, I consistently express great enthusiasm and admiration for the experience.

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Is it possible for you to consider refraining from placing an order for the new Macan and instead focus on the existing lineup?
From my perspective, I would advocate for the retention of the 911, considering the substantial amount of work invested in its development.
If one lacks a significant level of enthusiasm, it is advisable to dispose with the Spyder, particularly if it is not being used.

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I have recently made a choice.

I thoroughly explored several alternatives, including the possibility of engaging Porsche Stockport to provide an offer for the purchase of my vehicle. This aligns with the anticipated expectations of both me and presumably yourself. The offer made was much below the expected value, and there was a clear misrepresentation about the projected retail price.

When considering the exorbitant loan rate of 10.5 percent imposed by Porsche on new car purchases, I made the decision to retain my existing vehicle collection, at least for the time being. The Spyder vehicle in question has a mileage of just 2400 kilometers, indicating that it remains in a state of relative novelty.

I shall make an effort to use the automobile more often.

We express our gratitude to all those who have provided their perspectives.


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