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A Ride for Barbie


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At the very least, one other Healey doll outside the Barbie one exists. The second one had red on the outside and white on the inside, and it was marketed at Montgomery Ward.

The radio alarm clock comes in two different variations. The first one's bumper overriders are installed sideways.

A Notre Dame battle song-playing ceramic music box was also included.

And there was a Barbie doing a quick hairdo while perched on the bonnet of a Whitman puzzle.

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Although I have gone through at least three or four of the Barbie Healey clock radios since the mid-1990s, my wife still has her original 1962 model, which is in very good shape. The radios are just good looking on the outside; in reality, they are complete garbage. The radio part won't even survive a month (and the reception was horrible right out of the box).

I'm happy to merely check the clock each morning to verify my continued existence without having to set an alarm (for work) in over twenty years. I've never been able to sleep more than four and a half to five hours at a stretch, so I'm typically up well before eight in the morning (see the time stamp on this post; otherwise, I'd go take a couple of shots of Sue's Barbie Healey right now, but we can't wake The Redhead...).

Amazingly, since I last bought a Healey/Barbie clock on eBay (perhaps because to the recent obsession for the doll), their prices have more than quadrupled. > Clock radios with Barbie and Ken designs - Google Search

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