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dpf was taken away, and efficiency was changed. Mazda


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Hi everybody,
I brought my  Mazda 2.0d 143 in to have the dpf pulled out and have a performance remap done.
If you don't take out the spot welds on the shroud and physically take the dpf off the vehicle, you won't be able to tell that the dpf has been physically removed from the can despite seeming to be unaltered.
I am aware that dpf removal is controversial, however mine was done as a precaution because I brought the vehicle (my whole inheritance) without being aware that it had a dpf.I wanted a diesel since in the past I had found that they saved me a lot of money on fuel, taxes, and other expenses.
I didn't want to deal with the stress and inconvenience of having to drive the vehicle "properly," and the idea of diesel in my engine oil makes my blood run cold.
The vehicle is much more polluted in the mornings, and sometimes while you're sitting at the lights, you get a whiff of pollutants through the vents, so I can say one thing about dpf: you notice its absence.
I would recommend that if you can retain your dpf, you should. Since I have to maintain my car for at least 5 more years, I decided to future-proof my vehicle since I couldn't afford to have it changed.
Regarding the remap, I just wanted to explore my options. rapidly right now.


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I anticipate that it will soon be feasible to determine whether the DPF has been removed by monitoring the black and smokey garbage that comes out of the exhaust! That is not the case when the DPF is installed.

The MOT testing authorities are fully aware that individuals are attempting to magically remove their DPFs, and I believe they will discover a means to formally check soon long. In any case, best wishes.

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It is possible, but everything is reversible if the need arises.
I have my own reasons for removing the dpf, and in an ideal world I would leave it in place, but the possibility of a £1000+ repair bill is not something I can tolerate.
I will shortly have the injector seals replaced, once again as a precaution.
I value this automobile and want it to last as long as possible.

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In a similar spirit, and just for fun, I have a very late model vintage Mini Cooper (2000 V). These vehicles were outfitted with airbags. Parts are becoming scarce (rotary couplers, for example), and many owners have replaced the original airbag steering wheel with nice old fashioned classic steering wheels (monolita, for example), as well as removing the electrics and warning light. According to the most recent EEC legislation, every one is a MOT failure.(...and so basically worthless). It all depends on the MOT tester on the day. It's a bit of a risk since the regulation states that if it was regarded to be standard during production, it must be present and functional at the MOT.

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One feels like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
If I had known that the dpf was such a problem, I wouldn't have bought the car. Now I just have to deal with it.
The MOT side of things shouldn't be a problem, since I think most companies that do this kind of work have MOT bays....

The remap I had done is crazy: in third gear at 30 feet down, it jumps to 80 miles per hour in just one gear.


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DOT inspectors routinely verify the work of MOT inspectors. Their certification may be revoked if they are determined to be delinquent in their role as an assessor.

Think for a second that they would put their credibility and financial stability at risk for anything so stupid?


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