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The turbo of a 2018 F30 318i has had a failure.

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Greetings. I anticipate that I will correctly do the task.

In 2022, I purchased a 318i Sport. The vehicle had a mileage of 67,000 miles.

Over the last 2 years, I have only travelled a little distance owing to working remotely from home. I received no service when I was depending for CBS communications to appear.
Received a drivetrain malfunction notification on the dashboard last week. Brought it to a nearby independent dealer. According to the diagnostic machine, they have determined that the turbo is malfunctioning. According to them, the vehicle is still operable. If possible, I will continue driving at a leisurely speed similar to that of Driving Miss Daisy, and I seldom go on motorways.

I speculate that the reduced use of the automobile during the lockdown period has had a negative effect on its condition. However, I am now in the present situation and endeavouring not to criticise myself for any potential mistakes I may have made.

The cost of replacing the turbo, including work, would amount to £2800.

Currently, I need some comments about the viability of replacing the turbocharger. I am contemplating whether it would be more prudent to seek a second opinion or to dispose of the vehicle altogether.

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The cost seems to be excessive in my perspective. However, I would advise seeking a second professional evaluation, since I have seen instances where turbochargers were deemed faulty while, in reality, the issue lay elsewhere.
What is your geographical location?

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There are several excellent independent mechanics in my area, which is in the northeast. I recall there being one in either Leeds or Nottingham that specialises in gearbox repairs and is really skilled. They also provide a wide range of other automotive services. I will try to get their contact information for you.

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It seems that the location I was going to suggest, BW Chip Tune in West London, is quite a distance away from your current location.
Have they informed you about the specific diagnostic codes that were retrieved and the precise issue with the turbocharger?

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