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Comparison between C-HR and Yaris Cross

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May I inquire with members who have influenced both their perspectives? Initially, I was inclined towards selecting the Yaris Cross, but I am now inclined towards the C-HR due to its larger size, although not excessively so.

There is a scarcity of parking facilities in my locality.

While there are other variants that exhibit somewhat more width and height in comparison to the Yaris, my personal preference is with the C-HR.


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Regrettably, no. However, I comprehend that the CHR was terminated concurrently with the introduction of the Yaris Cross, suggesting that the Yaris Cross may be a rebranded version of the CHR. Similar to how the Auris evolved into the Corolla. 

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Please disregard my vote since I have not personally driven the Yaris Cross.

This website might perhaps assist in making the choice...

Please refer to the following article for car leasing news: "Toyota CHR vs. Yaris Cross"

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In 2017, I purchased a CHR. Recently, I considered replacing it and placed an order for a Yaris Cross. However, after another test drive, I decided to cancel the order and instead purchased another CHR. The superior quality of the interior finishes on the CHR and the more lacklustre appearance of the YC were the main factors. Looking back, that was the correct choice for me.

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I operated both vehicles.



The inside of the SUV seems to be more spacious compared to the CHR, mostly because to its greater height and increased driving position.

I like the same inside layout of the Yaris.

Enhanced iteration of Hybrid that exhibits superior efficiency

Extremely resistant to catalytic theft.

The engine has both positive and negative aspects. It is quite tiny for the automobile, but it excels in fuel efficiency while driving in urban areas.

What I disliked was the higher noise level inside compared to CHR, and the lesser boot space when comparing the two.



From my opinion, the Cross is superior in terms of interior design, both in terms of physical appearance and quality.

Enhanced and larger engine, increased luggage capacity, larger vehicle, resembling a Hatchback rather than an SUV.

Driving inside is much quieter.

The age of the Hybrid system is contingent upon the specific version and year.

Susceptible to Catalytic theft


If I had to choose a choice, I would go for CHR.

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