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The parking sensors of the 2015 F10 535d have malfunctioned.

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Issue - The parking sensors are non-functional and a manual intervention warning is shown on the screen.

This particular variant has the PDC module integrated into the "Junction Box Electronics" module, which is located next to the fusebox.

The actions I have taken.

    Verified with ISTA. The statement asserts that all the sensors are defective, which is improbable. To the best of my knowledge, the sensors consist of three wires - a 12-volt wire, a ground wire, and a sense wire.
    I have verified the presence of electrical power at the JBE connection when the PDC is in the "on" position. There is no information or content. Both the 12V and ground connections register as ground when tested with a power probe. Additionally, I have verified this by disconnecting the sensor's connector, in case there is a possible hard short. There is no 12V power available.

I am unable to locate a specific fuse for the PDC, and ISTA (unfortunately) states that the PDC circuit receives power from the JBE. All the fuses for the JBE are in fine condition.

In my opinion, it seems to resemble a defective JBE. Given the substantial amount of money involved, I would want to inquire if anybody have any prior experience, innovative ideas, or insightful views before I forward with the action.

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If the jbe detects malfunctioning sensors, it will off the power.
Assess the continuity between the jbe and sensors, and inspect for short circuits by disconnecting both ends.

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