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Is the Mercedes Key Sleeve of high quality?

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I have developed a consistent practice of keeping my vehicle keys in my pocket when I am at home. However, on occasion, I mistakenly open the trunk of my car, as informed by my neighbour. This situation arises when my wife's vehicle keys inadvertently displace my inside my pocket. I had a problem with my prior BMW and resolved it by purchasing the official key sleeve provided by the company. Has anybody else had this issue and attempted to resolve it by using the Mercedes Key Sleeve (part B66958412)? The BMW leather material exhibited sufficient rigidity to mitigate inadvertent button activation, however the Mercedes design deviates somewhat in this regard.

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The keychains I obtained from the Mercedes-Benz dealer are of exceptional quality, constructed with rigid leather that effectively safeguards the keys even during infrequent instances of dropping. However, it is likely that the Key Sleeve you are referring to is distinct from the one I mentioned.

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