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Enhancing the ground clearance of an automobile


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The A Class vehicle I just acquired exhibits a greater level of disagreement with a larger percentage of speed humps compared to my prior BMW 1 Series automobile. The value is obviously significantly reduced.

Has anybody successfully increased the ground clearance of their vehicle by around one to two centimetres, and if so, what would be the most effective method to do this modification?

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Does this apply only to situations when one straddles speed "humps" rather than placing just one wheel over the hump while keeping the other on the regular road surface (as suggested for navigating humps), or does it apply consistently to all types of speed bumps regardless of their width? When crossing the tyres, it is important to consider the potential negative impact on the inner sidewall. Therefore, it is advisable to modify the process accordingly.

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The W177 A-Class has a high susceptibility to scraping when encountering speed bumps and road cushions. Undertray injury seems to be a common occurrence among many individuals.

There is currently no evidence of anyone modifying the ride height of vehicles in order to increase ground clearance.

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