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Assistance Requested for X6 E71 Basic Sound System


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I own a 2009 E71 X6 vehicle, equipped with a sound system that seems to be of the "standard" kind, consisting just of front and back speakers. While I am able to perceive the presence of certain grills under my seat, I am inclined to believe that there is an absence of subwoofers in that particular location. The frontal appearance of my setup suggests the presence of tweeter grills without an actual tweeter unit positioned behind them.

I am attempting to access high-level speaker cables in order to convert them into a low-level pre-out level suitable for an amplifier.

Upon inspection of the vehicle's trunk, it was determined that there is no presence of an amplifier. I own a TCU1.5 device along with a Video Module, without any other components. Consequently, it is presumed that all amplification occurs via the head unit, necessitating the acquisition of high-level input from the rear of such device.

Could someone provide assistance in clarifying if it is OK to extract high-level speaker wire from the rear of the head unit?
Where would one locate the speaker wire?
What are the colors of the speaker wires?

I have successfully installed a pair of 6x9 speakers and two amplifiers in my vehicle. I am now seeking assistance in resolving any issues related to the input configuration. I want to enhance the front speakers and include a subwoofer into the audio system once the input issue has been resolved.

Thank you very much.



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Could you please provide further information? I own a CCC unit and have successfully obtained a wiring schematic for such equipment, which conveniently delineates the requisite speaker cables. I will proceed to access the dashboard and ascertain if the components I own align with the provided diagram.

After examining the CCC Idrive unit and referring to the diagram provided below, it is evident that the diagram does not correspond to the CCC Idrive unit.


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The first step should include identifying the head unit in question, specifically whether it is a CCC or CIC. Conducting an online search to determine the corresponding screen that aligns with the identified head unit is recommended. Additionally, may I inquire about the volume of your audio system? I have come upon a little piece of information that may be of use.

If tweeters are absent from the front doors, it may be inferred that the audio system is classified as "Base." If tweeters are present in the front doors and there is an absence of speakers in the rear "D-Pillars" of the X5, it may be concluded that the audio system in question is categorized as "Standard (Hi-Fi)." If there are speakers present inside this particular region, it may be inferred that the audio quality is of a premium kind, specifically categorized as "Premium (Top Hi-Fi)."

If one has a high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) or top-tier Hi-Fi audio system, it is likely that an amplifier is present, often located in the passenger side of the vehicle's trunk. One may get high-level input from that source. In the event that one has a foundational or rudimentary configuration like to mine, the reception of information at a higher level is facilitated by the posterior aspect of the primary control unit.

Subsequently, the high-level signal is sent to a high-low converter, resulting in the generation of pre-outs. If one has a filtered signal, it is advisable to use a subwoofer equalizer/crossover or verify that the amplifier being used possesses a proficient crossover and the capacity to enhance frequencies. Failure to do so may result in the transmission of a signal lacking in bass to the amplifier.

The following is a description of my experimental arrangement:
I use cache cloc+d as my line converter in order to optimize bass performance. Additionally, I employ the Vibe Delta Bass generator to fine-tune the bass output.


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Today, I successfully completed the installation of my Rockford Fosgate front speakers, which have a diameter of 4 inches. The speaker, although being 4 inches in size, has much larger cone area and depth. Remarkably, the mounting holes exhibit alignment with those of the RF's as a result of the basket design. In order to accommodate the cone excursion adequately, it was necessary to remove a portion of the plastic by grinding.

Once the door panel was joined, it was seen that it protruded more, but it was successfully reinstalled without any difficulty. The operating system Windows, along with other related software, operates without any noticeable issues.

The audio quality has much improved; however, I have not yet established a connection between these components and the amplifier. Currently, they are still operating via the head unit.

Even in the absence of other installations such as amplifiers, these speakers are capable of fitting into the system and producing superior sound quality compared to the original stock speakers. The approximate cost of a set is around $55.




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I have had significant challenges throughout the latter phases. The front door speakers have been successfully attached, and I have documented the wire colors for future reference.

The colors under consideration are yellow and yellow/blue.

The subject matter under consideration is the concept of "left," specifically in relation to the colors white and white/blue.

I have removed the CCC iDrive and intend to sever the input and output cables for the new speakers. This is the location where I anticipated seeing a pair of wires, one white and white/blue, and another yellow and yellow/blue. Nevertheless, I do not own the aforementioned wires, since there are many other connections connected to the rear of the machine.

I am now facing a significant impasse.

Could someone kindly provide answers to two questions I have?

Does the presence of a BMW vehicle between the speaker and the head unit result in any alteration in the color of the speaker wires?
Could someone please provide information on the specific cables located in the front left and right areas?

I would want to express my gratitude in advance.

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I used my creative problem-solving skills to arrive at a solution. I retrieved one of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) speakers that I had previously removed and proceeded to establish a connection with the wiring harness, assuming that it was the designated location for the speaker wire. I used the fader and balance controls to ascertain the identification of each speaker. The task has been successfully completed.

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Yesterday, I acquired a 2012 x6m after concluding my workday. Initially, everything appeared to be functioning properly. However, unexpectedly, when I attempted to increase the volume on the radio, I noticed a complete absence of bass sound. Furthermore, I am unable to raise the volume on the radio, resulting in an unsatisfactory audio experience. I have already inspected all the radio fuses, and they appear to be in proper working order. I am curious to know if there is a specific fuse for the radio amplifier or if any individuals have encountered a similar issue.

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Greetings, I am in need of assistance as I am encountering difficulty in locating the plug diagram pertaining to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) audio amplifier. My objective is to include two more speakers under the seat, accompanied by an amplifier. Consequently, I want the plug diagram encompassing all the audio input and output wires.

The vehicle in question is the BMW X6 E71 with the 30dX engine variant, which is equipped with the N57 FH61 engine.

I kindly request your assistance.

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I kindly request your assistance. I own a same configuration, consisting of a rudimentary head device without an amplifier, although I do possess subwoofers positioned under the seats.

I am also interested in installing a subwoofer and amplifier in the trunk. I am interested in accessing the electrical cables, although I lack knowledge about their respective identities.

Could you please provide information on the color coding of floor subwoofer cables?

What were the hues of the wires used in your endeavor? And in what location were they situated?

The comprehensive nature of your essay effectively addresses the issue of identifying the standard color coding for system speaker wires, so providing a viable solution to this matter.

I appreciate your diligent work.

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