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Tyres replaced on my 2010 BMW 320d e90.


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Hi Guys,

New to BMW and the forums I recently purchased a 320d E90 and need advice on which rear tyres to purchase, as they will soon require replacement. Currently equipped with Pirelli Zero tyres mounted on 18" msport mv3 staggered wheels.

Should I purchase the same run-flats or not bother, and what are the pros and cons of each option? Or are there superior alternatives available? Cheers

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I replaced the Potenza runflats on my 116 with Goodyear EageF1 asymetric 3 tyres that Kwikfit had on sale last summer. (£330 for 225/45/17) set installed by their mobile service

They are an excellent all-around tyre, with exceptional ride quality, noise, and feel.

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To be honest, this has been completed countless times.
There are many excellent tyres available; it depends on your needs.
As stated, I like Uniroyal's, but others do not because they do not perform well over long distances; however, I don't travel far, so they suit me.
I believe reviews are the way to go for smooth travel and fewer miles with Uniroyal tyres and so on.

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Give us feedback on the RS tyres.
Be significantly enhanced with a facelift.
I did the same thing as you and replaced the back tyres first, but not long thereafter discovered that the front tyres also needed replacing.

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Goodyear Asymetric 6 is my preferred option. I have used Rainsport 5 on a BMW 1 series and was not particularly impressed. They are effective at evacuating stagnant water, but their actual traction is unremarkable, and their flexible sidewalls make their handling a bit uncertain.

Falkens are acceptable if you wish to purchase a comparable-priced alternative to Uniroyals.

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