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Help me find a pastime


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I need to find some kind of outlet for my spare time.

I put in around 6 hours today on this.

Polished with wax and clay

Also, using P2000 wet and dry, I flattened back and polished off what were probably just four or five little scratches.




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So, you believe that's a poor idea...The inside plastics of my work vehicle are bright colors, therefore yesterday I steam cleaned them.

Keeping your automobile clean is a great way to feel good about yourself. In a sense, I feel like it's helping me heal.


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Even though I don't often feel sentimental about vehicles, selling my W205 was a wrenching experience. I've had it since it was brand new, but now seemed like the right moment to add it to my bucket list, which isn't very long and included just one item: a Porker.

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You've done an excellent job with your passion of detailing.

It's strange, but when I had my first couple of automobiles, I remember thinking about nothing except how much money I could save so that I could upgrade the sound or get new wheels. Then I got married and purchased a home, so now you can't afford to help me out. When I realized I could spend considerably less money on nice materials and take my time making my pride and joy look its best, my interest in detailing rose.

A satisfying pastime.

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My belief in "Animism" leads me to assert that in addition to having their own spirit, inanimate items are just as real as living things and locations.
All the more so with automobiles. I can say with confidence that if you take good care of, maintain, and clean your automobile, it will reward you with many happy years together.

Too often have I seen automobiles I lusted over but could never afford rotting away in scrap yards because their owners were unable to care for them properly. And it has always bothered me that those who could afford to acquire things often did not treat them with the same level of care.

On the other hand, I can't help but respect the drivers of vintage convertibles and coupés who brave the dry summer highways. Vehicles that have been out of production for decades but are nonetheless meticulously maintained are a credit to their owners.

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