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The comparison between the ML430 and ML350 models and the reason for discontinuing the manufacturing of the ML430 are being sought.


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We are interested in acquiring a 2000 ML430 or maybe a 2000-2003 ML350 for my wife. We are interested in understanding the reasons for the lower prices of the ML430 compared to the 350, as well as the rationale behind the discontinuation of the 430's manufacture. We are not acquainted with the ML line, thus we apologise if our query seems unintelligent. Thank you!

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I bought the ML430 brand new in 1999 for my wife.

Undoubtedly, it has been the finest automobile we have ever had.

The vehicle now has an odometer reading of 98,000 miles and is still operating very well. Aside from a few minor issues after the delivery, the experience has been without any significant problems. We have just replaced the spark plugs, ignition wires, belt, fuel filter, front and rear ball joints, performed a radiator clean and changed the fluids in the gearbox and differentials. The total cost of these maintenance tasks was $2850.00. According to my independent technician, the vehicle is expected to last for an additional 100,000 miles.

The ML350 is more popular than the 4.3L model because to its superior fuel efficiency.

The reason for its discontinuation is likely the same as any other manufacturer: the introduction of new models and changes in branding.

What is the difference between 350 and 430? According to my contact at Karl Heintz Mercedes, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry, the 430 models are far superior and have less issues. He solely works on MB's - I'll trust his expertise.

Advice: Avoid purchasing a vehicle equipped with the factory Navigation System, since it is of subpar quality. I had a post-purchase navigation system added, which had XM radio and more functionalities - far superior.

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of any object, allowing it to function indefinitely.

That belongs to me.02

Wishing you success!

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