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As a first-time F30 owner, I am seeking views about potential enhancements for my vehicle. (The list I have)

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Greetings, gentlemen! Recently, I purchased a 2015 F30 320D M Sport with a 2L engine and manual gearbox.

I am a someone who appreciates authentic components, nevertheless, the standard attributes of this vehicle do not align with my preferences. Is there anybody else who has a vehicle that is the same or comparable, but has made changes ranging from minor to significant upgrades?

As I am located in the United Kingdom, I would really appreciate any recommendations for obtaining guidance to a website or similar resources.

My accomplishments:
NOTE: I like to be frugal (although I am aware that being frugal is not always the optimal choice, so please refrain from passing judgement). All of my purchases so far have been made on eBay.

    Wing Mirror Covers: Gloss Black Wing Mirror Cover Cap (Already Installed)
    Grille: Black two-slat kidney (already installed)
    The rear trunk/boot is equipped with a carbon spoiler that has been properly installed.
    Tyre caps: M Sport Tyre Dust Caps (Already Installed)
    Reversing Camera: A reversing parking camera that has been installed.
    Cup Holder Mats: These cup holder mats are made of silicone and have an anti-slip feature. They are designed to fit perfectly in cup holders.
    Key Fob: Enclosed Remote Key Fob Case (Already Installed)
    Carbon fibre headlight covers. M Sport Eyebrows (Already Installed)
    Ordered on 23/06/2024, the BMW 330D F30/F31 rear exhaust conversion by Pipe Dynamics has a dual exit design. (Not properly adjusted - Awaiting)
    The M Sport Performance Twin Exhaust Rear Diffuser has been ordered on June 23, 2024. (Not properly adjusted - Awaiting)

It seems that I am unable to provide hyperlinks to eBay.

I would much appreciate any recommendations for modifications and enhancements, particularly pertaining to the engine. Additionally, I neglected to explain that I am not knowledgeable about cars, since my expertise is in the field of information technology.

Certainly, here is the modified edition:

I want to replace the existing exhaust pipes due to the current configuration consisting of just a single pipe. I would want to alter it to include two vertical bars, one positioned on the left side and the other on the right side. Is this automobile capable of doing this or not?

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I like the aesthetic appeal of dynamic pipes.

However, I have an inquiry about the concept of "remapping." Is a 2L engine worth the investment? (I neglected to note that the vehicle already has 102,000 miles on its odometer.)
Is it necessary to do remapping on these pipes once they have been installed?

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My automobile had a mileage of 140,000 when I travelled from Wigan to see Jason at BWChiptune. He will enhance its performance to around 225 brake horsepower (bhp) and 350 Newton metres (Nm), resulting in a significant transformation of the vehicle.

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I have placed an order for pipes and a defuser, and I appreciate your advice.

So, if I understand correctly, remapping is mostly done to enhance performance?

- Do you have any more recommendations for improvements or alterations?

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Let's go.

    I just want to modernise a little, you know 😄 ... Similar to other vehicles, it too has this feature. 😄
    I do not have any objections to this, but do you not believe that this equipment would be advantageous for future trips? (When travelling to foreign nations, there are often no road signs.) 😄

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Please refrain from installing low-quality accessories such as carbon eyebrows on your vehicle. Although it may provide entertainment when seen on the road, it is important to note that such modifications are considered tacky and associated with a lower social class.

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The hue of the automobile matches rather well, so it seems acceptable. From a distance, it looks quite excellent. Perhaps with a different hue, it does not seem quite how you would expect.

Correction: Perhaps you are correct. It is worth noting that the F30 is my first car of this kind, since I previously had a 320d M Sport Touring.

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