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Hello everyone. Anyone anyone have an E12 1976 520I on here?


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I'm just asking if anyone else has a 1976 BMW e12 520i. I can't find any.

I found mine in a coach shed with three other old coaches and bought it three months ago. It had been parked there and not run since 1989, even though it had been taken off the road in 1985 and taxed and registered in 1989, but had never been used. It has had only one owner, the owner of the coach company, and has travelled 31,113 miles since it was first made.

The car was in perfect shape, but tiny bubbles had formed in the paint where dust had settled.

The car has been taken apart and is getting ready to be repainted.The work done so far was just to get it running again. New brakes, seals, and rubbers were put on, but it didn't need them because everything worked fine. After 20 years or so, it was time to replace them.The car started on the first try with its 89-octane petrol (which is amazing), the body was perfect except for some blisters (it would be a shame to paint them), and the engine bay and the inside are both brand new.

We're trying to get it going by the end of October.




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Welcome to the BMW Owners' Club, pal!

With an E12 of your calibre, you are more than welcome here. wow, what a treasure you've found! It's possible that your E12 has the lowest mileage of any I've ever seen. No one here has an E12, however my 520i E28, which has the same engine as yours but a fuel injection system added on, comes rather close.

I'm dying to see more pictures on here!


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wow, that's quite the discovery. The day m10 fuel injection engine is also in my car.

I'll include some additional pictures showing its current level of reconstruction as well as the dusty condition it was in when I first spotted it.

I want to hang out with some of you when it's completed.


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