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The input for the 2006 SL350 (R230) AUX.

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Does this vehicle have an AUX input?

I have heard of a glovebox, but I am unable to locate one.

I have been informed that the TV module is there, but unfortunately, that feature is not accessible on my vehicle.

Does the AUX input exist anywhere, please?

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The type I own is a pre-facelift, without a socket in the glovebox. However, it is important to note that there is no auxiliary option available on the radio controls. I am unable to connect my DAB adaptor. The only alternative is to replace the radio itself, which exceeds my financial means.
Thank you for your responses.

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An alternative approach involves connecting a Bluetooth transmitter to the cigarette lighter socket and adjusting the radio frequency to match the device's frequency. This allows for the streaming of music from a Bluetooth device, such as a digital player or mobile phone, for a cost of less than £20.

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The R230SL...
The first generation, spanning from the commencement to the conclusion of the Model Year (MY) 2004, included the Comand 2.0DX, which featured an AUX socket. Conversely, the SL350, as the default, featured the Audio-30, which lacked an AUX input.
From MY2005 to 2008, the second generation of the Comand NTG1 (Siemens version) lacked the AUX capabilities.
The MY2009 end of the third generation is equipped with COMAND NTG2.5 and has an AUX socket.

Sir, yours is the second generation. The sole solution is the use of a costly Dension adaptor, which serves as a substitute for the CDC changer and offers features such as AUX and Bluetooth Audio, contingent upon the specific version. Alternatively, an FM transmitter that may be tuned into via radio.

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