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The dashboard has been inundated with warnings.

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A new issue has occurred in my 2006 SL350.

The dashboard has occasional occurrences of warning messages.

Malfunction of the Restraint System
The speedometer and fuel indicator of the SRS sometimes deviate from zero and thereafter rebound.
The use of spot lighting and head lamps
Warning lights for roll over bars, battery, and repair visits.
Comand becomes agitated.
Heater controls modify

There seems to be a significant amount of historical information on these forums on this issue. If I understand correctly, the census suggests that the problem is caused by a defective Electronic Ignition Module (EIS or EIM).

Does that continue to be the prevailing viewpoint? Can anybody contribute to this?

If the EIS/EIM is swapped, is it necessary to alter the keys or is this identity managed by a different entity?

Thank you.

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Another vote in favour of the battery as a probable cause....

Alternatively, if you want an alternative recommendation, where do you store it while it is not being utilised? Introduction of new members (Tasty engine loom)

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Indeed, it is widely believed that the battery, and maybe the battery connections, are the primary cause.

After successfully charging the device and obtaining assistance to read and reset the problem messages, it is necessary to address additional concerns such as controllers and wiring. To do this, it is advisable to use the services of an automobile electrician or a local MB expert.

Contemporary sensors are remarkable. Various types of bogus error messages are generated, with some of them potentially being accurate.

Is this automobile often used, similar to the backdrop colour? A few times each week or 5,000 miles annually? Alternatively, similar to several individuals, a garage queen who has been in a state of repose over the winter season?

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Certainly inspect the battery. It would be advantageous if you could decipher any error codes. I had a defective Wheel Speed Sensor, resulting in a variety of apparently unconnected alerts, including ABS, Engine Fault, and the roof failing to shut. These cautions were triggered by the car's inability to accurately detect its own motion.

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The difficulties were resolved by my local independent MB expert, who also suspects the battery.

I have just installed a high-quality AGM service battery and we will see the results.

Thank you for your comments so far.

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Regrettably, the newly developed AGM battery failed to achieve the intended result. I have just acquired a new Consumer/Systems battery and a recently acquired starting battery, both of which are completely charged. Furthermore, I am still able to access the whole dashboard display.

As anticipated, I have diligently sought recommendations from several sources.

I encountered an unconventional technique where I would apply contact cleaner to the ignition key hole in the evening and use a hair dryer to operate the key slot in the morning.

Indeed, I too found it perplexing, particularly the mention of the contact cleaner. However, in my state of desperation, I pondered if the warm air had any logical justification.

The following day, I positioned a fan heater on the driver seat and let it to operate in a gentle manner on the bottom section of the dashboard, namely in the vicinity of the ignition key, for a duration of around two hours. It was a frigid and arid day.

Subsequently, I operated the vehicle for a duration exceeding thirty minutes without encountering any complications, since the dashboard typically initiates within five minutes of a drive.

On the following day, I had to go on a journey that was less severe and rainy. The dashboard reactivated after a mere five minutes of starting the automobile.

I have been perplexed by this - was the fan heater trick only an isolated occurrence? If not, what is the significance of this?

This morning, I used the fan heater to replicate the experiment, despite the very cold and dry conditions.

I have just returned from a 45-minute drive with a flawlessly functioning dashboard.

There seems to be a correlation between the presence of warm or hot air being played on the dashboard before to starting the vehicle and the occurrence of the erratic flashing lights.

However, what is the underlying cause behind this?

Although it may seem absurd, I am certain that I can replicate the process again and get consistent outcomes.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Seek the expertise of an automotive electrician.

Indeed, the presence of moisture in the dash is plausible, but its origin remains uncertain.

A proficient electrician will locate it within a time frame of less than 30 minutes.

If there is any observable moisture present in the vehicle, it is advisable to address the removal or reduction of such moisture simultaneously. Equipped with garments or a lengthy air-conditioned vehicle.

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To address the issue, I recommend placing silica bags in and around the dashboard. Additionally, I would inspect the drains on both sides of the engine bay to ensure they are unobstructed. Given the recent heavy rainfall, it is likely that you have inspected the carpets for moisture. It may be advisable to remove the cabin filter and assess any potential damage. If the vehicle is parked on the driveway, it is possible that a small blow heater, set to its lowest setting in the footwell and powered by the garage overnight, could be used to rectify the issue. If this proves effective, it suggests the presence of a minor leak in the vehicle.

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It is advisable to maintain the air conditioning system in automatic mode throughout both summer and winter.
MBs have a preference for long excursions, since they need a sufficient distance to recharge their battery.
Purchase a smart charger, such as the MX5 or a comparable model.

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Thank you for the further recommendations.

I apologise for any potential violation of forum standards or decorum, however I stumbled discovered this information and it strongly aligns with my own experience.

Disregard the technical aspects of the oscilloscope - the intriguing portion spans around 7 pages.

I am quite interested in receiving remarks.


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I have successfully rectified my difficulty and I am now posting again. I am hopeful that my message may be helpful to someone.

It is crucial, in my opinion, to have the automobile inspected by a skilled automotive electrician who has a genuine Mercedes STAR diagnostic system. By engaging in this activity, several insights will be revealed.

The presence of a problem with the Overhead Control Panel (OCP) on the windscreen, namely in the area where the inside lights are situated, became readily apparent upon inspection of my vehicle.
The Star system documented that the N70b1 sensor, which is the temperature sensor found in the automobile, was providing a reading that was deemed "implausible". This implies exceeding the boundaries (I presume it was 65°C).

According to reports, the consequence of this event was a significant deceleration in CANBUS communications, resulting in a substantial decrease in their speed. It is evident that this CANBUS problem served as a catalyst for the occurrence of several other faults.
According to my expert, the communication in the car becomes extremely congested, causing no communication on the CANBUS system. As a result, error messages are generated and the system eventually malfunctions, with the command system turning off and headlamps flashing in the most severe scenario. The system experiences a state of being overloaded.

The resolution of the issue was achieved with the substitution of the OCP. I purchased a pre-owned item from eBay and all problems have been fixed. I previously said that the issue has been repaired; however, I am now experiencing a "light sensor" problem. This error may be attributed to either a broken sensor or a poor connection.

The key takeaway I acquired is to seek assistance from an individual proficient in using the STAR system.

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