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An unusual noise emanating from low temperatures. 1.7 litre turbo diesel engine, manufactured in 2016.

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Greetings, everyone.

I trust that everyone is in good health.

My vehicle has been emitting an unusual noise upon ignition.

The sound may be accurately described as a brass trumpet. The pitch remains constant and the issue only occurs when I accelerate to start moving and change gears.

Occasionally in the past, there have been brief instances when it occurred, but this time it persisted for a significant distance of several hundred metres.

The automobile has about 60,000 kilometres and a complete record of all maintenance and repairs.

Thank you in advance.

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That statement lacks clarity and specificity.

Are there any more reasons?
What causes it to cease?
Is there a need to shift gears?
What are the revolutions?
Is the hand brake experiencing adhesive friction?

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Initially, I considered the possibility of a loose auxiliary belt, but I am uncertain whether it would produce a sound like that of a brass trumpet. Assuming that you do not have a refugee from Grimethorpe in the trunk of your car and that you are not being followed by this individual, are you?


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Indeed, now that you have brought it up, it is very amusing 😂😂

Upon starting the vehicle, I saw that there was no noise. I then proceeded to put the car in gear and released the handbrake. Apply some throttle and the sound becomes audible. Engaging all gears in sequence. The sound remains constant in volume and pitch regardless of the engine's revolutions. However, as soon as I begin my journey, it occurs. When I come to a halt and transition to idle, the engine ceases to function. After covering a distance of several hundred metres, the sound ceases entirely.
I will try to get a recording of it tomorrow morning.
I appreciate all the replies received so far.

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It is possible that the handbrake shoes are sticking somewhat. Engage and disengage the handbrake while keeping the button down to see whether it vanishes. Accumulation of rust and brake dust in the drum.

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Attempt to deactivate or activate the air conditioning system to see whether it eradicates the issue. Drive belts or drive belt tensioners may produce noise. Please inspect the belt to assess its condition. I have also been informed that the fuel return valve may produce a "tizzing" sound when under pressure, which ceases after the pressure decreases.

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