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Issue: "Front right malfunction - Seek advice from workshop"

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Here it is:


Today, unexpectedly, the word "pearl" appears on my car's odometer.

I have researched and found that the issue may be related to the wiring, seatbelt socket, driver's seat wire loom, fuse, electrical connections, and maybe the airbag. Mercedes is experiencing an issue with airbag technology. My previous C-Class Estate (2013) had a recall for the passenger side airbag, and now there is another issue.

Considering bringing it to a Mercedes-Benz expert in the Durham area, if there is one equipped to handle this issue.

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I have not received any communication from the garage.  I am uncertain about the garage's operating hours.

I will provide updates here, which might be beneficial to other Mercedes-Benz owners in the future.


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Here is the report on development as promised... Initially... I am posting today's happenings since it is important to me, if you don't object 🙂

The first stop was at WMB Wearside MB Specialists. That was intriguing. False! Entered the reception area, was welcomed by a girl with a less than cheerful demeanour, and proceeded to explain the matter. "I can schedule an appointment for you on February 12th," she said. I inquired about the need of waiting until February 12th to connect the Diagnostics tool to the automobile, get the problem number and description, a process that only takes 5 minutes. She walked to the rear to consult and then returned to the desk to confirm the 12th of September. I mentioned the problem with the airbag and now I need to determine whether it is safe for me to drive. She went to the rear and then returned to the Reception with the manager. I reiterated... Negative.The computer has denied the request and due to a lack of personnel, it cannot be completed at this time. Short-staffed, I need to connect a Diagnostic tool to the vehicle port to get the code, a process that typically takes 5 minutes. I expressed gratitude for your kind help and departed.
My rating: 1 star out of 5.

Next, Mercedes-Benz of Sunderland. They may inspect on Wednesday, the 30th if necessary. The cost for connecting the Diagnostic tool to the automobile port to get the problem code and description is £174.00 including VAT. The woman respectfully explained that the fee includes the expense of diagnosing the malfunction, which takes one hour. This statement is false. I am certain that it only takes 5 minutes, making this a clear case of unethical consumer exploitation.
My rating: 1 star out of 5.

Considering the information mentioned before, I visited Browns Auto Services, the independent garage in my community. The owner, Gareth, whom I am familiar with, is now on vacation. However, they own the contemporary Diagnostic tool necessary to interpret Mercedes-Benz codes. What is the duration of the task? I can do the task within 5 minutes for you, including VAT, for a cost of £45.00.
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


The "Squib" is a low-resistance wire covered in explosive material that detonates the explosive charge, leading to the deployment of the airbag.

An airbag warning should be decoded promptly, in my view. I must emphasise that I just have a rudimentary understanding of automobile technology and am not as knowledgeable as many other club members. Being a member of the MB Club entails exchanging valuable information with other MB owners, particularly if it pertains to safety risks. I have been warned to avoid driving the car on anything other than local roads, especially avoiding highways or big routes. The chance of the steering wheel airbag deploying unintentionally and leading to an accident, however unlikely, is not worth taking.

I trust this knowledge will be beneficial.


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It does not seem to. The term "squib" is a humorous moniker for the component more typically referred to as the Steering Clock Spring or Airbag Spiral Cable.

The automobile was manufactured in 2013, between 2011 and 2017. The item should be included in the Mercedes-Benz recall to be replaced due to a manufacturing defect.

There are 400,000 Mercedes-Benz automobiles in the UK impacted by this problem. The affected vehicles include A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLA, GLA, and GLC manufactured from November 2011 to July 2017. It is a significant production defect.

Mercedes-Benz of Sunderland did not inform me over the phone that the cost for a diagnostic, which only takes 5 minutes, would be One hour £174.00 + VAT. It may be an oversight or just dishonest.

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I did. It could be used when just certain cars within a range are impacted.

The driver airbag steering wheel squib recall impacts all vehicle classes manufactured from 2011 to 2017, as reported by AutoExpress. Put simply, not just a few. A 2013 C-Class Estate I formerly had is mentioned on the MB checker due to being equipped with a Takata passenger airbag. However, not all C-Class estates from 2012-2015 were installed with the same Takata airbag. It is logical to include it in the MB online checker.

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