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Seeking guidance on ECU malfunction and associated errors in a 2017 F13 640d.

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Greetings, everybody.

I am now encountering some complex difficulties with my DDE/ECU and would really appreciate any valuable insights or solutions.

Recently, my Electronic Control Unit (ECU) malfunctioned, resulting in its display becoming illegible and rendering the vehicle unable to start.

After doing an inspection, I saw indications of dampness in the vicinity of the plugs, which led me to think that water damage is the cause.

Upon the failure of the ECU, many malfunctions were shown on the iDrive system, encompassing drive train, ABS, hand brake, and SOS system alerts.

To address the problem, I substituted the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with a pre-owned unit that has the same Bosch identification numbers and had the Individual Serial Number (ISN) replicated from the Car Access System (CAS).

Nevertheless, despite these endeavours, the same shortcomings have reemerged. Despite establishing contact with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and successfully starting and running the automobile at 1500 rpm, there is a lack of responsiveness in the throttle.

I received guidance that I need a conclusive code, and I made arrangements for remote coding using the RJ45 OBD2 interface.

Regrettably, the remote coding did not provide complete results, as it seems that ign 15 was not functioning despite the ignition being activated.

I am contacting this group with the expectation that someone may have faced a similar circumstance or possibly provide important recommendations. I would much appreciate any suggestions or insights that anybody may have.

I appreciate your anticipated time and support.

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I do not believe Jason is currently serving as a sponsor. However, it is highly recommended to get out to him since his electronic control units (ECUs) are much more affordable and undergo thorough refurbishment and coding processes specific to BMW. Unlike many other firms who use clones, Jason's ECUs are reliable and do not encounter issues such as sudden shutdowns.

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A potential cause for the engine idling at a set speed of 1500rpm without any reaction to the accelerator might be a malfunctioning accelerator pedal sensor or an erroneous connection to, or issue with, the fuel rail pressure sensor.

Perhaps the availability of these items is lacking....?

Did you use contact cleaner to cleanse the plug pins and inspect for water infiltration by removing the plug backshells when you modified the DDE?

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Thank you for the reply, gentlemen. I have recently sent a private message to Bwchiptune. Additionally, I have applied WD40 to the plugs, completely dried the enclosure, and left 4 bags of silica gel weighing 50 grammes each for a duration of 72 hours. Following these steps, I proceeded to install the DDE.

Although I haven't inspected any fuses yet, I would want to know whether there is a fuse diagram available for the F13 coupe on the site. The handbook that came with the vehicle does not include one.

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