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Temporary loss of electricity to the dashboard?

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Greetings, everyone. It has been a considerable amount of time. Primarily as a result of successive severe illnesses. Regardless, I am still present, so I will proceed.

The model of the car is F32 M57 LCI, manufactured in 2019.

Yesterday, while travelling on the A1 in Newcastle, namely on the western bypass, I saw something that has left me perplexed.

The car is equipped with a digital speedometer. Everything abruptly ceased, as if everything had just perished. A few moments later, it resumed functioning with the full display illuminated. All lights promptly returned to their regular state.

I cannot remember the driving or temperature controls malfunctioning as I was preoccupied with what I had just seen.

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts?

I connected a BT OBD reader and performed a code scan, saving the resulting report that had several errors.

I successfully eliminated the individuals, and two of them exhibited resistance, prompting me to document their actions in a report.

One should attempt to publish such codes. Solicit suggestions about potential areas of concern.
I would want to have it arranged in an orderly manner.
The engine never experienced any failure or cessation of operation. The engine did not experience any decrease in power. Evidently, only related to electricity.

Thank you in advance for any confusion or perplexity one may cause!


Info memory-29-12-2023.pdf Info memory-29-12-2023 2.pdf

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If there is an issue with the battery, I would recommend having it inspected, particularly the connections. It is important to note that the engine in question is the N57, not the M57. Weak battery symptoms can manifest as many error codes, similar to what you are seeing.

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Thank you for sharing your article.

I have seen the typographical error, and I appreciate your acknowledgement of it. Due to unknown reasons, the most recent update of iPhones has significantly disrupted the functionality of predictive text. Consequently, I often find it futile to attempt to rectify inaccurate text suggestions. Similar to the process of relearning typing skills.

A new AGM 90Ah battery was installed around two years ago. However, I will inspect the battery to ensure it is functioning properly as a first step. I appreciate your assistance. I will provide an update whenever I get the findings.

I eliminated those scripts to see if any more issues arise. I comprehend the phenomenon of low battery causing error codes to be generated, which may ultimately be inconsequential.

The Bimmercode application displays the battery's level of charge as 80%, however I am uncertain about its accuracy.

Observe the progression of events. Thank you one again.

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Greetings! Thank you for sharing your article.

Indeed, I was aware of such problems, but it never occurred to me that I would personally experience them. I will investigate it in the meanwhile. Thank you.

I have just got confirmation of the shipment of batteries from Tayna Batteries. Please ensure your presence tomorrow.

My intention is to install a new battery and attach a clamp metre to the battery wires. I own an antiquated iPhone that I can configure in the trunk of the vehicle to capture video recordings of clamp metre readings when the car is secured and in sleep mode. I have a high-quality, durable LED light that will also provide enough brightness.

Let us assume that we will monitor and record the amount of electric current being drawn for a duration of 30 minutes. Until the automobile is in a state of rest and a short duration after that.

I have reason to suspect that my F32 vehicle goes into sleep mode and the backlighting of the headlight switch turns off. On my E92, the gear change indicator exhibits the following behaviour... If someone can verify this, I would really appreciate it. I will have definitive confirmation when the automobile is in a state of dormancy.

If I encounter a high level of electrical current consumption, one would be inclined to temporarily deactivate some unnecessary features and repeat the process as needed. Verify the present electrical current consumption and proceed accordingly. If somebody has superior guidance, do inform me. I prefer not to begin disassembling the automobile without first identifying and diagnosing the problems.

Correct I am going to examine the hyperlink you shared. Today's reading material. Thank you so much for it.

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\I agree with that idea.
Tayna seems to work extended hours, even on days outside the typical seven-day week. It is worth noting that I placed an order on a Sunday afternoon or teatime, and they promptly sent it within a few hours.

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Greetings, everyone! I would want to provide a brief update within the 10 minutes I have available. May provide assistance to an individual at a certain juncture.

I obtained a fresh battery from Tayna batteries. Exceptional service. Extremely fast. The battery I purchased is a Varta Silver Dynamic A5 019 95Ah AGM battery. Arrived the next day. Upon decoding the date code, it becomes evident that the battery was produced in Germany in August 2023, indicating its recent manufacturing. Currently, it is January 2024.

Over the last week, I have acquired a substantial amount of knowledge about batteries. Varta and Bosch batteries are produced in Germany specifically for distribution in Europe or nearby regions. The batteries are indistinguishable. The decision is ultimately up to you. Presently, the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) structure is being discontinued and renamed as Xev. Evidently, there is absolutely no alteration to the battery. The only aspect that matters is how it is branded and sold. When doing a search, it is important to note that both AGM and xEV refer to the same structure. Very well! I anticipate that AI cells will be developed in the near future.

Fortunately, I am the fortunate owner of a NOCO Genius 10 charger. I am now charging the new battery since I am unable to install it in the vehicle until the weekend. For the duration of 2 days, I closely monitored the charging voltages with a curious mindset, seeking to understand the operational mechanisms of these intelligent chargers. I discovered that the charger effectively examines the battery by gradually raising the charging voltage up to 15 volts. The tests assess the internal battery resistance and adjust the charging process accordingly based on the battery's current charge level. Regarding Genius 10, the maximum current it can handle is 10 Amperes. As the battery charges, the voltage reaches a stable level and the current decreases. After 24 hours, the charger displayed a consistent green light, indicating that the battery has finished charging and is now receiving a maintenance charge or float charge. The picture displays a voltage reading of 13.02 volts. Upon disconnecting the charger, the terminal voltage remains constant. Therefore, we have one battery that is completely charged and in good condition. At this juncture, I conducted a measurement of the electrical current flowing into the battery, which amounted to just a few milliamperes.

That is my current progress at the moment. Tomorrow, on Sunday, I plan to drive and replace the batteries in my vehicle. I will then register the new battery to the car using Bimmerlink. Meanwhile, I will keep the battery connected to its maintenance charger.

If I remove the current battery, I am considering doing a repair test and sharing the results, provided that there is any interest from others. The battery is not antiquated. It should be possible to recover. It will be intriguing to see the outcome of it.

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Greetings! Thank you for your remark.

Yes, I conducted a search and discovered information pertaining to the date code on Varta Batteries. I cross-referenced this information and can confirm its veracity.

Uncertain about the permissibility of sharing this on the forum, but here is the link...


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