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In considering the optimal gearbox fluid for the 722.6 gearbox box, it is important to carefully evaluate the available options.


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reetings, esteemed individuals,

I am prepared to undertake the task of doing a "drain and fill" procedure on the automatic gearbox of my W202 C230K vehicle, without including a gearbox control fluid change. Despite receiving guidance from Olly, the complexity of that particular component, including the banjo bolt, remains perplexing. I have already acquired the necessary components for the task at hand, including a dipstick, filter, gasket, drain plug o-ring, electronics bushing, and a thermometer.

I am in the process of purchasing a quantity of 5 litres of fluid, and I wanted to get confirmation from you all before proceeding. After careful consideration, I have identified the Fuchs brand as a suitable option for the new gearboxes, since it is certified on the Mercedes-Benz specification sheet. There have been reports of using the recently developed fluid in the previous iteration of the 722.The use of six boxes facilitates enhanced operational efficiency.

The automotive product being referred to is the Fuchs ATF 4134, which is compatible with the MB Spec 236.14 and 236.12 as well as the ATF 134. This product is available for purchase on Amazon.com in a one-liter bottle.

Is this product of satisfactory quality, or would it be more advisable to continue using products from Shell or Mercedes? I express my gratitude in advance for taking the time to read this message.

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According to the Fuchs website, the model of car you own may be found.

The capacity of the object in question is 8 litres.
Utilise: Standard
The intervals for maintenance checks are recommended at every 30,000 km. The recommended product for use during these checks is TITAN ATF 4134.

FUCHS fluids are often used as the first fill by the manufacturing plants for several Mercedes Models. There is a distinct possibility that the MB fluid is manufactured by Fuchs, notwithstanding. The ATF 4134 is deemed suitable for the intended use.

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I have only used the fluid recommended by MB, so I question the rationale of using any other options just for the purpose of economising a little amount, given the high cost of the gearbox.

There is no need for a thermometer; instead, one may get the desired outcome by embarking on an extended drive to ensure that the vehicle reaches its optimal operating temperature range of 80 to 90 degrees. Subsequently, one may proceed to assess the fluid level, which, contrary to exaggerated claims, does not possess a level of significance as pronounced as some assert.

In the particular model year of your vehicle, it is conceivable that a drain plug may be present on the torque converter. However, it is important to note that these drain plugs were phased out in the years 1999 to 2000. If your vehicle is equipped with a torque converter drain plug, it eliminates the need to disassemble banjo bolts and other components. In this case, the draining process would involve around 6 litres of fluid. Conversely, if a torque converter drain plug is not there, the draining procedure would typically involve approximately 4 litres of fluid.

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The process of boiling is limited to the application of heat to a substance, causing it to undergo a phase change from a liquid to a gas.
I recently performed a gearbox oil change with Mobil oil, as recommended by the store. The shop assured me that the Mobil oil had the same specifications as the Mercedes-Benz (MB) oil, but at a more affordable price.
Upon reaching a distance of 1000 miles, the gear box of my vehicle became inoperative.
Since that time, the sole option available has been the Master of Business degree.

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There is no indication from anybody in this discussion that Mercedes-Benz (MB) directly engages in the production of oil. However, the underlying argument is that procuring oil from MB guarantees the use of oil with specifications specifically designed by MB for optimal performance in their gearboxes.

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There is no indication among the present individuals that Mercedes-Benz (MB) directly engages in the production of oil. However, the underlying argument pertains to the procurement of oil from MB, which guarantees the utilisation of oil with specifications aligned to MB's intended use in their transmissions.
Indeed, any automatic gearbox fluid that satisfies or surpasses the official MB certification for gearbox 236.14 will undeniably fulfil this requirement.
Although your statement is accurate, it does not exclude the possibility of obtaining alternate and perhaps more cost-effective fluid from different sources. I am quite perplexed by the notion that some see the development of autogearboxes to occur in a vacuum, devoid of any consideration for the accompanying fluid that must be used in these systems. In the design process, it is hypothesised that there exists a high degree of coordination between the fluid maker and the gearbox manufacturer. The production of Mercedes gearboxes takes place in the Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim factory, located around 143 kilometres away from the headquarters of FUCHS PETROLUB AG in Mannheim. Given the conventional nature of a German corporation such as MB, one may infer the other details.

Fortunately, there has been progress since the first stages when automatic gearbox fluid mostly consisted of 95% Sperm Whale oil, a substance that was primarily composed of ester compounds. The practise of slaughtering thousands of whales annually was halted by the implementation of the Endangered Species Act in 1973. This event subsequently led to the creation of synthetic fluids possessing comparable chemical and mechanical characteristics. This decision was both rational and compassionate, considering that whales were already considered a depleting resource.

In my humble opinion, I would refrain from presuming to dictate the contents of an individual's automobile gearbox system. It is crucial to acknowledge that the ownership of a vehicle inherently gives the owner the autonomy to make decisions about its components. However, I do advocate for a well-informed decision-making process in this regard.

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I am certain that the Fuchs ATF will prove to be satisfactory. The firm in question is well recognised for its credibility and integrity.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Fuchs, a renowned manufacturer of engine oil, does not provide Mercedes-Benz (MB) with its engine oil. Instead, MB procures their engine oil from Petronas, a Malaysian company. This suggests that physical distance may not be a significant determinant in the decision-making process for worldwide commercial transactions of this kind.

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