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A C-350 OM642 Oil Catch Can, Year: 2012


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Good evening, everyone.

After replacing the positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV), oil residue is present at the turbo intake, and the vehicle exhibits little smoke emission during periods of increased boost.According to the information provided to me by the driver of the automobile behind me,

My proposed solution involves the installation of an oil catch can in order to mitigate this issue.

Is this the optimal course of action?

Has anybody else installed a similar component? Could you kindly provide a recommendation for a provider, please?

I express my gratitude for your assistance.

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Several years ago, I successfully installed a fitting on my E class vehicle.
However, it is questionable if the installation of a catch can will effectively resolve the issue of smoke emission. It is more probable that the smoke is indicative of a different underlying problem.
The primary function of a newly installed positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) tube is to provide a controlled flow of oil towards the turbocharger.
This constituted the discussion on the other side.

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I concur with your statement. The little quantity typically accumulated in a catch can is unlikely to result in the emission of blue smoke. However, it may contribute to the accumulation of deposits in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and intake manifolds when combined with high-temperature exhaust gases. Although it is still advisable to implement this measure, it is doubtful that it is the root cause of your issue.

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Thank you for the responses.
The intention is to repair the turbo intake seal and boost pipe seals, as well as install a catch can, either temporarily or permanently, in order to visually monitor the amount of oil and condensate that enters the engine. I am contemplating the replacement of the seals subsequent to the resonator, but, I am uncertain of the magnitude of the task. I will thoroughly examine the boost mechanism.

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Are you referring to the seals located in the intake and outflow pipes of the intercooler? I replaced the hoses on my device due to their tendency to become pliable over time. It is possible to get the seals individually from the manufacturer, MB. The O-rings located at both ends of the turbo outflow pipe are often preferred. As previously said, it is possible that you are pursuing a different problem.

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