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May I request your assistance? The BMW 1 Series M Sport is experiencing a complete inability to initiate engine ignition. Despite the key fob successfully unlocking the vehicle, the battery and starting motor are functioning properly. Please include furth


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I am uncertain whether this is the appropriate subforum in which to submit my topic. I apologize if it is not.

I am now encountering an issue with a 2012 Manual BMW 1 Series M Sport vehicle, which has been maintained in excellent condition and has accumulated little miles. The engine had an abrupt failure to start, while the ability to lock and unlock the doors using the key fob remains functional. Occasionally, we were able to start the engine's operation, which would occur again. Subsequently, we would abandon the vehicle for a duration of one hour, just to encounter another instance of failure to initiate the engine's operation. During a three-day period, the vehicle operated flawlessly; but, subsequent to this timeframe, we have been unable to start the car's ignition. The individuals who have contributed to the findings are my father and a close acquaintance, both of whom have retired from the profession of mechanics. Below is a summary of what I believe to be the essential facts:

    The key fob consistently performs the function of locking and unlocking the automobile, as well as operating the windows, opening the trunk, and other related actions.
    The engine cannot be started using the Key Fob, despite attempting to use both available Key Fobs.
    Fresh Duracell CR2450 batteries were acquired and afterwards installed in the fob. Despite our initial confidence that the batteries were not the cause of the issue, this replacement did not provide any improvement.
    Occasionally, we have achieved successful ignition of the vehicle by using various combinations of button presses. However, we have yet to ascertain a definitive sequence that consistently yields the desired outcome. Activities such as the actuation of the locking and unlocking mechanisms of an automobile, the initiation and termination of the opening and shutting movements of its doors, and the manipulation of the steering column to change the direction of the vehicle. Upon first activation, the automobile exhibited consistent operational functionality throughout many instances of ignition. However, subsequent to a period of inactivity lasting about one hour, the vehicle experienced a recurrence of malfunction. The starter motor was eliminated as a potential cause in our investigation.
    The battery has been discharged and then recharged.
    At a certain juncture, we successfully achieved full functionality of the automobile for a consecutive duration of three days. The vehicle was successfully started on six separate occasions when driven to various locations, but had a failure two days ago. On the day of the vehicle's malfunction, another individual was scheduled to transport me to the airport using the aforementioned automobile. This individual entered the vehicle utilizing their own BMW key, as well as my own key. It is worth considering the possibility of signal interference as a potential cause for this occurrence. I find it difficult to comprehend the meaning of the statement.
    Ever since the day of the visit to the airport, the vehicle has shown a consistent failure to start its ignition system on every occasion, with a success rate of 0%.
    Three distinct error messages have been seen on the vehicle's dashboard at the initiation of the ignition process. These messages are as follows:

The absence of a remote control renders the engine incapable of being started.
To operate the steering column, position the remote control in an elevated position.
The remote control is acknowledged, allowing for the initiation of the engine (with around 90% fidelity to the original wording). The engine failed to initiate despite attempts to start it.

    We attempted to place the fob in close proximity to the steering column, specifically in the area marked with a schematic depicting two inward arrows and a key. Additionally, we attempted to press and hold the start/stop button while simultaneously placing the fob near the steering column, in order to prompt the display of the message "no remove control." We continued to hold the button and fob in place until the aforementioned message disappeared. This approach had no positive results, as shown by a YouTube video where commenters often reported success. Additionally, we first contacted the AA (a UK breakdown service) for assistance, but the representative was unable to provide any helpful insights.
    An attempt was made to connect an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) device to the vehicle in order to conduct a diagnostic assessment. However, it was seen that the OBD device did not meet the necessary compliance standards. This suggests the possibility that the incorrect device was used for the intended purpose.

Obtaining any of the aforementioned outcomes requires a considerable amount of time and effort, as one must experiment with various combinations. I managed to capture images of the second, first, and third options, however I must acknowledge the possibility of inaccuracies in my observations.

After conducting many tests, it can be concluded that the fob is not the cause of the issue. This determination is based on the fact that two different fobs have been used, successfully unlocking the doors. Additionally, the possibility of a faulty fob battery, vehicle battery, and starting motor has been eliminated as potential causes.

One potential hypothesis that has been generated throughout our current discussion is if the issue at hand may perhaps be attributed to a malfunctioning ignition relay.

At now, we find ourselves in a state of profound confusion and are contemplating resorting to the manufacturer's questionable practices as a potential solution, despite the inherent ethical concerns.

I welcome any suggestions and inquiries, and I will promptly respond to any queries posed.

The user expresses gratitude for the assistance provided.

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