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The touch pad and buttons of the W205 device are non-functional.


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Following a two-hour journey earlier today, I proceeded to park the vehicle for a duration of 30 minutes. Subsequently, I have observed a lack of functionality in the touch pad and associated buttons, including the scroll wheels, as they are now devoid of power. Regrettably, I inadvertently turned off the head unit before to exiting the vehicle, as I was engrossed in a video on my mobile device. Consequently, I am now unable to use the reverse camera feature.

The Carplay MMI (aftermarket) was uninstalled without any impact. The wiring harness connecting the controller and the plug was examined from the bottom and found to be in satisfactory condition.

What are your opinions on the matter?

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I am encountering a similar issue, which arose subsequent to my attempt to install a non-original display. Consequently, the touchpad functionality and all associated buttons have become non-operational. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts to contribute? The voltage supplied to the touchpad was measured and found to be 12V when the ignition was activated. However, no illumination was seen. The volume, dynamics, and auto start features are all off.

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Upon the completion of the restoration process of the damaged wires The situation has been devoid of any issues. Nevertheless My neighbor is experiencing a same problem with his 2018 w205 vehicle, in which he has also installed an MMI box. The fuse was removed from the fuse box located in the passenger footwell for a duration of several hours. Subsequently, the fuse was reinserted, resulting in the restoration of functionality. The user observed that when CarPlay is engaged and the power is then off via the power button, it becomes very difficult to reactivate the system. I propose that the issue is mostly with the MMI box rather than the headhunt.

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