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The concept of CLS


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I just conducted a seasonal cleaning of my vehicle, and many acquaintances have inquired about my approach. Therefore, I have decided to share my methodology with you.

The process involves rinsing with a hose using clean water.
The application of snow foam, namely Autoglym Polar Blast, should be followed by a waiting period of around 5 to 10 minutes.
Subsequently, proceed to rinse the object once more using a hose.
It is recommended to cleanse the body with shampoo. I used the Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner for the task at hand.
Subsequently, proceed to rinse the object once more using a hose.
6. Continuously manipulate the clay until its texture no longer exhibits a gritty sensation. 7. Proceed to apply another layer of snow foam.
After the first rinsing process, it is recommended to repeat the rinsing step using a hose. Following this, it is advised to proceed with the drying process.
In the process of applying polish, I used a cost-effective dual-action machine polisher from Argos, together with the autoglym ultra deep gloss product.
10. Remove the excess polish manually using a microfiber cloth.
11. Engage in tidying activities and thereafter partake in the consumption of a beer. You have rightfully acquired it.

The final performance of a 9-year-old vehicle with 80,000 miles is commendable.


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The speed at which something was accomplished is impressive. Indeed, the process of polishing may be physically demanding. Congratulations to you for demonstrating dedication and perseverance. In recollection of a bygone era characterized by a surplus of leisure, I would devote an entire Saturday to the meticulous cleansing and burnishing of my automobile, even resorting to reclining upon the driveway surface to ensure the comprehensive purification and lustration of the chrome exhaust tips. Regrettably, my neighbors, lacking comprehension of our shared automotive ardor, regarded this behavior as eccentric, much like our own inability to fathom their fervor for philatelism.

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I would want to investigate a topic similar to the one mentioned, however it should be noted that there was a limited amount of relevant information available. One of the positive aspects of the ongoing epidemic is the limited number of kilometers traveled this year.

I am also interested in doing research on sealants. I own an additional gloss protect product, which I have not yet experimented with. This is mostly due to the fact that I have not found the need to do so after the successful application of the ultra deep gloss, as it has demonstrated durability.

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