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1967 MGB GT cant rails


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I hate to ask more questions, but what exactly are the cant rails you need repaired? The framing around a door? If so, they need to be away from the entrances to get them back. Those pieces of off-white vinyl? Do you need assistance locating the decorative welting or beading that tops the door rails?

Images would be useful in this case.

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Seeking to reclaim the cant rails above the ceiling. As of recently, the cant rails have taken on an off-white hue. The headliner is nice; it's made of wool and seems to be off-white or faded white. It's soft and fluffy, almost like flannel.

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If we are referring to the front at side rails that support the headliner, I assume they are covered in place. The inside of my '67 was quite stock, and it was coated in vinyl that looks and feels like plastic. Currently in a fragile state. I have no idea how to take them off if they are really detachable.

C-pillar, left and right of hatch panels are masonitel-like cardboard with foam and vinyl covering. The hue is somewhat darker than white and closer to a very pale gray.

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If they have what we term a "flock finish" in the United Kingdom, they may be refurbished by a skilled repairer.
After the desired color match has been achieved, the fibres are combined in a jar with a puffer attached to the top, and the new flock is sprayed from the jar.
Different flocks may be nmixed very similarly to paint, therefore this how to construct a seat but same idea for smaller objects.


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