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Transmission problems on an E55 AMG w211, resulting in a P0705 EML code


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To everyone,

I could need some help with this situation.

During the process of reversing the automobile, I came to a halt and placed it in drive (I believe the car was still rolling back very little even after I did this). The transmission then failed to shift out of first gear, where it had been stuck, and I saw that the readout was displaying R rather than D. After two minutes, the EML light turned on. After that, I was able to park the vehicle, but when I tried to put the gear selector into P, it went into N instead. In order to move the automobile into P, I had to switch off the engine.

When I turned the vehicle back on, the gear selector was operational, but the EML light was on. After then, the vehicle started operating in the limp mode. After doing the reset and starting the vehicle once again, it seemed to function normally; nevertheless, the gearshifts were very rough.

Although everything seems to be functioning OK, the automobile just doesn't feel quite right. The EML light is not active. It had the code p0705.

We are really grateful for suggestions and support.

Sincere gratitude

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Your remark gives the impression of being costly. I don't believe that I have a mobile phone plan... I have no idea what you are talking about! This morning I went through the process of resetting the TCU, and while I was sitting in the vehicle, I fired it up and jiggled the gears elector to check if it would register correctly. It did.

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If everything is working regularly now, your reset has either corrected it for the time being or it has stopped being defective for the time being. Regarding the error code in question, one may find a wealth of information on Google. I despise the fact that there are intermittent electrical failures...

Best of luck.



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Mobilio is Mercedes-Benz's version of a breakdown service; provided you had a complete service record with the brand, they would send a van to your location at no cost and use Mercedes-Benz diagnostic technology to figure out what the problem was.
On such a new automobile, a significant number of C63 owners would have Mercedes-Benz service records in their possession.
The two professionals that I suggested may save you half of the amount of money that it would take for MB to repair it.😀

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After resetting the TCU. Went out in it today to a restaurant in the neighborhood. When I got there, the vehicle was stuck in third gear, and I was unable to shift it into park since it was locked in third gear and I had driven there in it. It was necessary for me to stop the automobile while it was in N and then put it in P. However, there were no issues on the trip home.🥲

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