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The ABS/DTS issues resolve themselves after an extended drive.

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Seeking assistance from someone knowledgeable. I am experiencing difficulties with the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), and other related systems on my 2005 E90 320D. The issue originated from the occurrence of front right ABS sensor problems. I have replaced the sensor, inspected the reluctor ring, examined the wires, and performed other routine diagnostic procedures.

Now, let me explain. When I start the vehicle in the morning after it has been parked overnight and begin driving, the dashboard illuminates with several warning lights like a Christmas tree, and the ABS/DTS system becomes deactivated. Upon inspection, the codes indicate a problem with the front right ABS sensor, namely related to difficulties with the power supply, lack of signal, or implausible readings. Additionally, I have intermittent occurrences of a steering wheel position sensor error, as well as infrequent malfunctions of the speedometer.

Operate the vehicle over a substantial distance, preferably 20-30 miles or more. Bring the vehicle to a halt, remove the key from the ignition, and then start the engine once again. As a result, all the lights will cease to illuminate, and there will be no more complications for the remainder of the trip, even if I take a little pause lasting 3 to 4 hours.

When I leave the vehicle overnight, the issue reoccurs and persists until I take the car for an extended drive.

Replaced the battery because of its age and slightly reduced voltage. The problem persists, but I am certain that it is caused by a power issue that is disrupting the computer, or maybe the battery backup for memory is malfunctioning. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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I am now experiencing difficulties specifically with the right wheel speed sensor and the steering wheel position sensor. There are no instances of low voltage or any other diagnostic trouble code (DTC) computer faults.

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How did you inspect the reluctor ring?
The issue is located in the hub and the solution is to replace the hub with a new one.
A task that is relatively simple to do.

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The object is devoid of any dirt or rust, and moreover, it has previously been ruled out as the source of the malfunction. (It is worth mentioning that for the e90, you just need to replace the ring, not the hub.)

The problem seems to be an electrical malfunction, since it is resolved when the vehicle is starting with a fully charged battery and only happens again after the car has been parked for many hours (which is why I replaced the battery).

I am presently contemplating if the starting motor, or another component, is responsible for a voltage decrease and disrupting the computer during a cold start-up.

The next step I suggest is to start the car's ignition and thereafter reset the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) computer by removing the fuse. Then, observe whether the issue persists without any problems.

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