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Initiate operation after an extended period of inactivity.

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I own a 2008 Clubman S. It has remained stationary and unused for a period over 2 years. I am preparing to attempt to start it. Are there any precautions I should take while beginning it? I am concerned about the prospect of a drought at the beginning. The vehicle has been stored in a garage for the whole duration, therefore protecting it from exposure to outside conditions.

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Prioritise ensuring that the battery is both completely operational and fully charged. If the battery experiences a short circuit, it may cause a reverse flow of electrical current into the Digital Motor Electronics (DME) system, resulting in its destruction. If there is any uncertainty about the condition of the electrical components, it is advisable to replace them with new ones.

What do you think about getting an oil and filter change? I believe it would be a prudent decision.

Subsequently, I would extract the plugs and coils and introduce a few drops of oil into each cylinder. If possible, manually spin it a few times. Next, I would rotate the engine without the spark plugs or ignition coils many times to ensure proper oil circulation.

Subsequently, fasten it securely and proceed with determination. Please be aware that the gasoline may have deteriorated and as a result, the engine may not function properly.

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I have acquired a fresh battery. The fuel level is critically low (almost depleted). My intention is to fill my petrol can, which has a capacity of 3 gallons, with Shell V Power fuel. After starting the vehicle, go to the petrol station and refuel it while also adding a can of BG 44K. Immediately proceed to replace the oil. I am concerned about the first chilly and dry start-up. Is there any action I should take about that matter?

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A neighbour informed me that I may activate the engine in "clear flood" mode or remove the fuel pump fuse and activate it until the oil pressure reaches the desired level. I have come across information on the internet suggesting that it is possible to remove the spark plugs and apply a little amount of oil over the surface of each piston. I contacted several BMW/Mini repair shops to inquire if I should have my vehicle hauled to them for its first start-up. They all advised me to just start the car and then proceed with the required maintenance tasks, such as refuelling with fresh gasoline and changing the oil.

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Prior to starting the ignition of your 2008 Clubman S, it is advisable to adhere to the following safety measures:

    Inspect and replenish all fluids, including oil, coolant, and brake fluid.
    Recharge or replace the battery.
    Examine the gasoline for impurities and consider including a fuel stabiliser.
    Inspect the tyres to ensure they are adequately inflated.
    Inspect belts and hoses for any indications of degradation.
    It is advisable to replace the oil and filter in order to avoid a dry start.

After completing these procedures, engage the engine and let it to idle for a few while before commencing driving.

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Do you believe it is advisable to replace the oil and filter before starting the engine? The current oil has accumulated around 1000 kilometres of use. I intended to alter it immediately after initiating it, but if changing it beforehand will aid in avoiding a dry start, I will prioritise updating it first.
1. I have verified the amounts of all fluids.
2. I have acquired a fresh battery.
3. I will add 3 gallons of fresh petrol to my vehicle in order to reach the petrol station, and then I will proceed to fill up the tank. I am considering adding Seafoam to my vehicle. I am certain that the petrol tank is almost depleted.
The tyres are now inflated correctly, however they need replacement, thus they will be replaced as soon as possible.
5. Inspected all hoses and belts. The automobile has been stored in a garage with temperature control for the whole duration. It maintains a consistently moderate temperature, never becoming too hot or frigid.

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I have reason to believe that this response has been created by an artificial intelligence system.


Therefore, I would not place my trust or dependence on it...

I believe you will be successful by just initiating it, however I recommend following these steps:

1. Refrain from altering the oil, as it will remain in satisfactory condition.
2. Apply a fine mist of oil into the cylinders.
3. Disconnect the injectors with caution and use the ignition to initiate a 5-second crank.

Based on my own observation, it typically takes a brief duration of a few seconds for the oil to circulate throughout the engine while using the starter to initiate the engine's operation.

If you fail to disconnect the injectors while cranking, they will release gasoline into the cylinders, resulting in the cleansing of the bores. Even if the fuel pump is removed, it is possible for them to inject some gasoline into the cylinders.

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