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No registration record found in the EMaC database.

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When I input my car registration on EMaC to access Kia Care, I get the message, "We are unable to find your vehicle. Please attempt again or get in touch with your dealer." However, I discovered this during my inspection for yearly maintenance.

Today, I contacted the service department of the nearby Kia dealership. They achieved identical outcomes until they accessed an other platform.

Do you have any hypotheses as to the possible reasons behind this?

Additionally, the cost of yearly maintenance for the first 3 years online is £146 for the first year, £222 for the second year, and £146 for the third year. The first year's servicing provided by the Kia dealer costs £210, which is 66% more.

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I discovered that my recently purchased automobile, which is just 6 months old, did not appear on some platforms or systems when searching using its registration number. As a result, I had to manually enter the car's information.

I had this issue with many recently manufactured vehicles, both brand new and almost new.

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I was referring to items like as insurance, etc.
I had to contact Kia's sales representative on Friday to get insurance coverage for the journey home with the newly purchased automobile.
Since it was not functioning properly on his own computer..

Yesterday, I purchased a three-year service contract for the automobile.
However, despite having obtained insurance for it, the automobile was not mentioned by the Reg in some searches.

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Apologies, I misinterpreted the information.

What is the cost of your service plan and does it include the first MOT? Did you make the purchase via a dealership or online?

Correction - I saw that you said in an earlier post that the price was below £500. Have you verified the price of yearly maintenance in order to compare the expenses?

Does anybody have information on the specific dates on which they implement yearly pricing increases, such as January 1st, April 1st, and so on? Although my first service is not scheduled until February, I would consider purchasing a service plan at now moment if the pricing is satisfactory to me. The dealer provided an estimate of £359 for a 2-year service plan and £489 for a 3-year service plan.

Tomorrow, I plan to contact EMaC to get a quotation and inquire about the reason why my registration number cannot be located.

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The process of updating insurance number plates often takes a few days, sometimes even only one day, since it is necessary for law enforcement purposes.
If the Kia is fresh new, it will likely take a few weeks or months. The dealer is likely to possess this knowledge but may be reluctant to discourage the organisation. In the near future, the EMAC CS system will likely get your number plate or VIN and notify you that the website is encountering difficulties.
It took many weeks for the Kia website to reflect the modification when I converted from a private licence plate.

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Have you received the confirmation email from EMaC about your online purchase?

There is no need for concern. I purchased one item in-store and the other item online. The dealer is aware of the existence of a service plan via the system. That is the only thing that is important.

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It has been 16 weeks since the automobile was registered. Insurance comparison sites identified the registration number as soon as it reached the age of 5 weeks.

I am confused about why it is acknowledged for yearly maintenance but not for the Kia Care service plan.

After reading a post on this platform last night, I was compelled to verify the validity of the free 12 months RAC Roadside Assistance and inquire about the service plan. I contacted Kia Care / EMaC. Initially, they were unable to locate the registration number, but ultimately discovered it on a different system. Nevertheless, I was informed that purchasing it online was not an option, and it could only be acquired via phone transactions. The cost was same to that of my nearby dealer.

I contacted Kia / RAC Roadside Assistance. They were unable to locate the registration number and were uncertain about how to transfer the breakdown insurance to me. I was instructed to communicate with the vendor.

I contacted my nearby dealer. They were also unaware, but said that they will verify with the Area Manager.

I contacted the seller from whom I purchased the vehicle, rather than a Kia dealership. The female who responded informed me that the registration number was only necessary if I need assistance from the RAC, which was my first understanding.

Unfortunately, nobody was able to provide an explanation for the absence of my registration number in relation to Kia Care. However, my inquiry about RAC Roadside Assistance has been resolved.

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