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Are you referring to a film on headunits?

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It has come to my attention that several individuals have mentioned the tendency for the headunit protective film to eventually start peeling off. The audio system rating of 10 out of 20 is definitely applicable to CLKs and may also be applicable to other variants.

Is there a simple method to accelerate the procedure once it has commenced? Just pull? Mild heat (perhaps from a hairdryer?)
The corner of our carpet has just begun to lift, and I would want to repair it.

Is the exposed face alright? The user did not provide any text. Hopefully, the film does not retain everything in position!

Has anybody used transparent paint protection film as a substitute for it? Or any other appropriate film?

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I am uncertain about the meaning of "protective film". Could you please clarify? Providing a photograph might be beneficial.

However, if it is an older version of the Audio 10/20 and you see a peeling film, it is not a protective coating. If you're curious about how I know this, feel free to inquire.

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Since I had a simple Audio 20 system with only a radio and single CD player, and after reading Wighty's discussion, I decided that it would be more logical to upgrade to a newer and more advanced head unit. However, I didn't want it to be too contemporary and stand out in a way that doesn't go with the rest of the car.

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