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MBUK and Western Mercedes-Benz in Edinburgh


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Several of you have inquired about my problem with both of these organizations.
In conclusion, I brought my E53 amg MHEV vehicle to Western Mercedes Edinburgh with a known manufacturer defect near the USB data port.

Vehicles with the same defect had already been fixed, free of charge and under warranty. They were prepared to look up their own records or it wasn't my car. I once worked there, so I am somewhat familiar with what this Motor Group does in the background.

I contacted other dealers in the UK who acknowledged the same problem as coming from the factory and accepted the repair as a "from manufacturer fault." EWMG, not Easter Western Motor Group.

After having no luck with the Western Mercedes Edinburgh front of house service team, I decided to write to their CEO Keith Duncan, who chose to disregard my letter. I did receive a response from their dealer principal, who promised me a practical solution—clearly one that would be to their benefit and, therefore, worthless.

I raised my concern with MBUK CEO Angela Shepherd, but she gave me a flat-out nod. I know I'm just one of the little people, but the fact that she ignored me says a lot about how she feels about issues affecting the underprivileged.

Eventually, I detailed this unfortunate experience on Twitter and included the MB Global address that had previously informed me that MBUK was handling my complaint. I'm not sure who organized that, but in my opinion, that wasn't the case at that time.

The matter was marked as resolved today, but MB Global couldn't see the specifics, they tweeted to me privately. That's new to me because I haven't heard anything from MBUK regarding this inquiry or solution.

Even now, MBUK is denying MB Global access to the resolution's specifics. Is MBUK getting out of hand?

If you ever need assistance or support from EWMG under the cover of Western Mercedes Edinburgh or MBUK from the current CEO, please be aware of my tale. There are undoubtedly more interesting news items out there, but at the moment it seems as if Western Mercedes Edinburgh is controlled by characters, suitably from the Wild West.

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I really appreciate it, Allan.

EWMG's 'owner' and current MD, Keith Duncan, are both people I know well.

Thanks also for name of MBUK’s current CEO.
Even though Ms. Shepherd has left, her email account has not been deactivated, thus messages sent to her will not be returned as "bounced." Interesting.

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