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The failure code for the E90 335D map sensor is 41AA.

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Greetings, everybody.

I am desperate for assistance as I am completely perplexed by the trouble code.

The trouble code for the 2006 E90 335D is 41AA. I have been informed that this is the map sensor and grommit. After making the necessary changes, the code clears and then reappears when the system is loaded.

The car is equipped with a stage 2 map and an EGR deletion kit, with the vacuum line unplugged and blanked out. Additionally, it has a Wagner intercooler and DPF delete.

In recent times, I have made modifications to the turbo side of two pressure converters. Additionally, I have replaced all vacuum hoses with silicone and have acquired a new OEM red boost pipe that is free from any leaks.
The passenger side of the pressure converter and electronic valve, as well as the vacuum lines. Silicone Alternative water pump
Illuminating plugs and a unit (stress relief)
The Maf sensor has been cleaned.

I have likely altered the name.

Currently, the automobile continues to operate as anticipated, with minimum delay, but sometimes it may seem that there is a slight lack of performance.

This code is exhibiting a lack of clarity and is causing significant frustration.

Could someone provide assistance about this issue, please?

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The map sensor used was authentic from BMW. The wiring is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly tested. Additionally, the temperature sensor in the return metal pipe has been replaced with an EGR sensor.

In which location on the charge intake pipe is the boost sensor located? The only components on the intake side that have been replaced are the boost pipe and the pressure converters.

Furthermore, I am contemplating if the code was really included after the map itself.

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Are you referring to the vehicle operating smoothly without any malfunctions till the remap was completed?

If yes, have you replaced all of those components based on the advise of whom?

Have you spoken with the tuner on your issue?

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Hello, my friend.

Indeed, component 16 was replaced due to its ability to expel air from the pipe and cause one of the plastic clips to break.

To be candid, I mostly substituted the components with the concept of tranquilly.

Indeed, the automobile was functioning well before to the map. The code only manifested itself after the map was completed. The mapper suggested that the issue may be attributed to either the map sensor or the pressure converter on that particular side, and subsequently replaced both

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Based on my understanding, it is often attributed to an issue with injector timing.

The issue seems to originate from your remap, since it appears that they have incorrectly adjusted the duration/flow.

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