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Is the 2010 Mercedes 3.0 V6 equipped with a single power steering fluid pipe?

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Greetings to everybody.
According to the title, my automobile has been experiencing a leakage of power steering fluid for almost two months. I am purchasing a bottle of power steering fluid on a daily basis, resulting in a significant financial burden.
A technician presented me with a pipe located under the car's engine, but I am unable to recall its specific name. I subsequently purchased a replacement from eBay, however it seems to be the incorrect one.

Is anybody aware of the specific kind of power steering pipe that they have?

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The radiator located behind the bumper may be quite bothersome. I had the identical issue of a leakage down the front.

After replacing the radiator, I had a similar problem where the clip that secured the metal pipes from the body vibrated against it, resulting in the formation of a pinhole. Ultimately, the cooler was detached from the system by means of a fitting that connected the pipes leading to the cooler. Since then, I have not had any issues with the oil being heated and the steering has been functioning well. I own a recently acquired cooler in the garage that I want to use throughout my upcoming tasks.

It is possible. Although it may be rather cumbersome to remove the bumper and other components, the task is manageable and can be completed within an afternoon. Alternatively, you may just connect the pipes, as I did, and consider it satisfactory.

If you need a replacement, I possess the component number in case that is the problem. I intend to capture an image.

I also own a 2010 3.0 V6.

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The vehicle in question is a 2009 E350 CDI Coupe 3L V6.
After receiving information about ring leaks, I purchased one and a spare clamp. Three bolts have been recently removed from the power steering tank in order to replace the o ring. It has been determined that there is not just one pipe connected to the bottom right of the tank. The leak originates from an underground source, such as a pump or a pipe. If no visible signs are present, it will be necessary to remove the panel and clean it with steam in order to determine the source of the leak. The notion of a victor was disregarded.

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