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Is my automobile equipped with an authentic W126 AMG body kit?


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Hello, everyone.

I purchased a W126 300SE from 1992, which is said to have an authentic AMG bodykit installed by the manufacturer. I purchased it impulsively due to its low price and appealing appearance.

I'm seeking information on these bodykits. How do I authenticate this one? Were they indeed installed at the factory? Can you share any intriguing facts?

I am having difficulty finding any information regarding them and would really appreciate your assistance.

Thank you!

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If you are referring to the Mercedes plant, then I believe not. Before 1993, there was no formal contract between MB and AMG. Therefore, any work was carried either by AMG in Germany or by their national agents, such as Stratton in the UK.

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Determining from a snapshot is challenging, if not unattainable. Previously, AMG operated as an independent tuning company. In the UK, components could only be obtained via Stratton's, the only distributor. Parts were available for the SECs, including some 500 and 560 models with AMG bodykits, steering wheels, and wheels, which were quite pricey. It is uncertain whether any saloon kits were available. I really doubt that a 300 would have been equipped with authentic AMG components when it was new, mostly because of the cost.
AMG kits should be branded with a component number.
They were not originally installed at the manufacture.

I mistakenly believed I had already submitted this, resulting in some duplication of BTB's.

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