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The C205 suspension is experiencing grinding, and despite efforts, no one has been able to identify the problem.

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I have dedicated a substantial amount of time searching for comparable information, although I have been unable to get a satisfactory solution.

Ever since I purchased this vehicle half a year ago, I have been experiencing a frictional or grinding sound emanating from the front of the car while driving at moderate speeds on uneven roads. The sound may be best described as a frictional noise like the contact between a tyre and an inner wing, rather than a metallic or high-pitched sound. The occurrence takes place during the downward motion, rather than the upward motion, if that is comprehensible.

The problem becomes evident just when the automobile is occupied by two people.

The phenomenon fully disappears when it is saturated with moisture.

Upon first inspection, the dealer identified a ball joint failure and proceeded to repair both front spring links.

Upon realising that their first attempt did not resolve the issue, they made another attempt and saw excessive movement in the tension struts. This observation came after considering the possibility but ultimately excluding the anti-roll bar as the cause. Both tension struts were replaced.

We are still encountering the same problem and I am perplexed. I have scheduled an appointment for the third diagnosis. During the last diagnosis, I brought the technician along with me so that he could listen to the issue firsthand.

Does anybody have any valuable guidance that I might provide to them for their investigation? I am certain that a competent independent mechanic would resolve the issue more efficiently, but as it is covered by warranty, I am unable to get it serviced elsewhere.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, none of those factors apply, and there is no variation or impact on speed (as would be expected if there were a hub or material stuck in the dust shield). The issue is definitely due to the suspension.

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The presence of moisture acting as a lubricant suggests that the noise is caused by a dry bush, bearing surface, or joint. To identify the exact component causing the noise, a process of elimination can be employed by applying a lubricant to different parts one at a time until the noise ceases. Once the problematic part is identified, it should be replaced.

If you need any substantial object to add weight to the automobile, I am willing to loan you my credit card bill.

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The issue is in the dealer's refusal to dispatch two technicians to the vehicle and their unwillingness to apply a substance that requires the presence of two technicians, followed by a subsequent application.

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