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The 2004 320TD compact requires both inner and exterior tie rods.

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I need to know which inner and outer tie rods to purchase for my 2004 320TD small Sport with M tech 2 suspension.

During my MOT, it was noted that there is a tiny amount of play in the inner tie rod. This is consistent with the steering feeling somewhat unstable.

The tyres are of good quality, suitable for various conditions, and have been used for less than three months.

Considering just replacing the inner rods initially owing to financial constraints, but, to avoid repetition, I have decided to replace both the inner and outer rods on both sides.

Currently, the choices available to me are

The cost of Lemforder components is £80 each corner, resulting in a total of around £160 at Euro Car components. However, the budget is somewhat constrained but still within workable limits.

I am aware of the fact that I need to do my tracking immediately.

Alternative choices

I will not use Meyle since the rear shock top mounts that I changed a year ago are causing banging noises. I am certain that I fitted them properly, with the little washer put immediately after the bump stop. I have seen that many YouTubers did not use this washer, which disappoints me about the quality of their products. However, the budget is around £100, which covers the cost of new rubber boots and clips.

Febi bilstein costs around £40 each corner, resulting in a total of roughly £80.

Based on my study, the Lemforders are the optimal choice for enthusiasts who like dynamic driving. They closely resemble the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and have the longest lifespan.

If no one has prior experience with Meyle and can provide a positive recommendation, I will reassess my decision, considering the possibility that their difficulties may be limited to certain components.

Alternatively, if the Febi Bilstein products are of high quality.

Alternatively, you may consider purchasing an inexpensive kit from eBay that includes drop links. I would want to know the estimated duration for which I may use this budget before needing to contemplate an upgrade, despite the fact that this contradicts the principle of avoiding redundant work. However, it just implies that I am able to attend to other aspects that I want to resolve.

All the components I have installed on the vehicle are either authentic BMW parts or OEM equivalents, and I have also made upgrades. However, I am not satisfied with the Meyle HD top mounts and want to replace them with either Lemforder or Corteco alternatives.

Therefore, options...

The approximate cost of the Lemforder product is about £160.
The price range for Febi Bilstein is around £80-90.
The approximate cost of Starline is about £110.
The Meyle parts cost around £100, whereas the eBay parts cost around £70.
Are there any other factors I should take into account?

I would really appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, or personal experiences about the given brands or any other brands that have not been mentioned.

Thank you.

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During the process of renovating the front suspension, I used Febi components for both the inner and outside parts.

They are satisfactory considering their cost.
I have also used Lemforder, which is likewise excellent.

I engage in aggressive cornering manoeuvres.

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Lemforder is an authentic brand that ensures long-lasting durability, eliminating the need for future replacements. Avoid using Febi, as recommended before. I attempted to use the product febi, which resulted in the expenditure of both time and resources, including the need to replace tyres, realign the components, and repeat the whole process. Febi provided improper nuts for the track-rod ends. They supplied nylock nuts instead of the needed flanged nuts, which are necessary for mounting to the aluminium hub. These nuts broke within three months of Miss Daisy driving. Febi provided me with fair compensation.

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Lemforder's current quality standards have declined compared to its previous reputation. However, there is a possibility of obtaining older stock parts that were built in Germany, known for their exceptional durability. However, the majority of it is now manufactured in China and is of poor quality.

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Indeed, that is precisely why I used the term "mostly".
Such components like suspension arms, among others, are manufactured in Poland.
Furthermore, the joints are still manufactured in Germany.

Sachs, a German manufacturer, produces original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shocks, not Lemforder.
However, Sachs and Lemforder are really the same corporation.

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Those are still manufactured in Germany or elsewhere throughout Europe.
I am now doing a comprehensive renovation for my second vehicle.
Purchased a complete set of Sachs shock absorbers and Lemforder suspension components.
Not a single one of them is manufactured in China.

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Fortune favoured you. Upon returning my Chinese shock mounts, the individual at the parts shop informed me that it is a matter of chance. Occasionally, one may get residual German-made components, while other times, fresh Chinese stock is provided.

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I suppose so.

During the process of inspecting or verifying products.
I consistently verify the manufacturing date of products, ensuring that all items are newly produced and not outdated stock.

Previously, I replaced the front top mounts on a different vehicle. The mounts were Sachs, manufactured in Germany and had a recent production date. Perhaps I still have some remaining boxes for photographs.

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