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Assist in rescuing an Audi from destruction.


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Greetings, everyone

This is a really odd request, and I suspect it violates the rules of the forum, but I'm at a loss for who else to ask.

We had a great time at Audis in the Park in August of 2017, and some of you may remember us and our Audi A4 from that day.

I was devastated when my dad sold my Audi a few of weeks ago, even though the new owner promised to take good care of it and restore it to its former glory, and I am a devoted Audi aficionado.

Sadly, I found out a few days after selling the Audi that it had been taken to a nearby scrap yard. You can understand my anger and disappointment upon hearing this. Everyone who shares my passion for Audis would agree that this vehicle, with her 2.8 v6 engine, is much too wonderful to be destroyed and made into a washing machine.

Since my father is now in a financial bind and unable to replace his vehicle, I would really appreciate the opportunity to retrieve it and get it back on the road. I have to return the automobile to the junkyard by Monday, but it will cost me £300.

Can anybody provide a hand in making this a reality?

It would be fantastic and very appreciated if you could provide a hand in any form.

If you're able to assist in any way, please click the link below.

http://paypal.me/JacquesBurnard .

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You and your dad were driving Audis around the park, and I remember you! Happy to have finally met you!

I'm so sad to hear about your father's sale.

In 2004, my uncle sold my grandfather's Volvo 760 to a scrap yard, and I was and am still very sad and outraged about it to this day.

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I was unable to collect enough money to purchase the vehicle, but they are not destroying it for parts. They have decided to sell off the vehicle since it is in too excellent a condition to be destroyed.

I appreciate everyone's kind words and am including the auction link below.



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