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p0296 / I believe I have tried every possible solution...

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I own a Mini basic model manufactured before July 2004, namely the R50 variant. The vehicle is functioning well with no problems, except for the persistent check engine light indicating error code p0296 (Bank 1, System too lean). I want assistance in resolving this issue promptly as it is necessary for the vehicle's registration next month. The Mini has accumulated a mileage of 250,000, but, during the last 3-4 years, I have replaced almost all significant components. It gives the impression of being a brand new automobile anyway.

I am on the verge of a mental breakdown due to this situation. Since January of this year, I have invested more than $2500 in it. The bulk of the monetary amount has been allocated towards resolving the issue indicated by the Check Engine light. I personally handle all of my repairs and have never seen anything as persistent as this. I have taken it to the BMW expert many times, each visit costing $200.

Below is a chronological list of my most recent accomplishments:
Replacement of the manifold, catalytic converter, and all necessary gaskets.
Recently installed oxygen sensors (Upstream: NTK / Downstream: Bosch)
Included is a new valve cover. Includes a brand new Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve, gasket, bolts, and Oil Cap.
Recently replaced throttle body and MAP sensor.
Valves for Internal Combustion Engines Carbon analysis conducted: results indicate excellent condition. Walnut blasting is unnecessary.
Brand new fuel injectors
Conducted a smoke test to detect any potential hoover leaks.

I replaced all the spark plugs, wires, and ignition coil, except for one component.
I added CataClean before replacing the catalytic converter, even knowing it was a futile expenditure of $30. However, one might argue that I am becoming more desperate.
Additionally, I have consistently disconnected the battery and let it to reset after almost every repair-

I own a rudimentary $80 ODII reader, and once resetting the code, the engine light remains inactive until the subsequent ignition of the vehicle. The light only reappears once the vehicle is turned off and then restarted, regardless of how far I have travelled.

Upon successfully resetting the code, while the ignition is turned on but the vehicle is not driving, the scanner continues to display the 0296 Code as Pending. This is illogical, since the car is not operating and so it is impossible for the fuel to be considered lean. Is the automobile still available for me to drive it further? Regardless, it never completely eliminates from the system. This is one of the reasons I sought the expertise of a professional. I believed that I need a more powerful scanner in order to fully eradicate some codes. They said that this is not the situation and they were unable to resolve it either.

This is my current location. Any kind of enlightenment would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance

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I intended to provide that information above. I will now proceed with the upgrade. Indeed, I have personally inspected it using my own smoke machine and have had it examined at the BMW dealership.

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It is important to consider examining real-time data, particularly in frigid conditions, to see whether the temperatures, barometric pressure, and other factors are reasonable. There may be an error in the reporting.

Subsequently, what are the fuel pressure measurements at the prime, idle, and wide open throttle conditions? Are these values credible?

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Furthermore, I possess the capability to do this task. Although I am uncertain about the intended values of the numbers. Is there a specific location where I may find the correct numerical values?

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Excellent suggestion on the checking of gasoline pressure. I had been supposing that the beemer location was responsible for this. I need a comprehensive inventory of the specific examinations they conducted. Primarily, the visit consisted of verbal communication. The sole printout consisted of the items that they deemed necessary for replacement. All of the information mentioned is provided in the list above. I now lack the knowledge and skills to conduct fuel pressure testing. Therefore, I plan to enrol in educational courses available on the University of Youtube platform in order to acquire the necessary expertise and determine whether I am capable of doing this task. I have been contemplating the possibility that the gasoline lines may be obstructed or experiencing a blockage. I will thoroughly inspect them to the best of my capability when I replace the fuel filter in a few days.

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At cold engine, the temperatures and barometric pressure should nearly resemble the ambient outside temperatures. The barometric pressure is determined by the location where you reside.

An alternative approach would be to capture screenshots of all the content and thereafter share it on this platform.

Additionally, I would examine the fuel trims. First, do a Key-On Engine-Off (KOEO) test. Then, observe the engine's behaviour at idle while it is in closed loop mode. Additionally, monitor the engine at about 2500rpm to get insight into the current situation.

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