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Unauthorised phone


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I attempted to connect my new Google Android phone with the W212 Command system. The phone and the automobile have mutual visibility, but the car will not provide authorization to the phone. I suspect that the phone may be either too new or using an incompatible Bluetooth version.

After checking Google and doing all system checks, the connection issue persists.

Seeking guidance

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It has been a while since I connected a phone to an NTG 4.x head unit and had a problem. I vaguely remember facing a similar issue while trying to link an iPhone with Angie's SLK55 when we initially got the vehicle. To resolve the issue, I selected the Reset option from the COMAND Settings menu and initiated the pairing procedure once again. However, the drawback is that you will forfeit any saved locations, previous destinations, and any data in the Music Register.

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I believe I have resolved it. Accessing the settings menu on the H7 device removed all Bluetooth options and then re-enabled them. Everything failed. System reset performed, no improvement seen. The phone detects the car, and the car detects the phone, yet the phone is not authorised. I opened the Android Apps on my phone, expecting that my Command feature wouldn't work. However, after connecting the phone to the vehicle with a USB cable, the handsfree option started working. Phone is now successfully linked and functioning.

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