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No, I am content with my W204.

A buddy is considering many possibilities on the market and has shown interest in my vehicle as well. Their budget is around £14,000 or less, and they aim to be compatible with ULEZ regulations. My questions for the community are:

    Are there any solutions available for the NOx problems experienced by EU6 diesel and petrol vehicles, whether by practical means, warranty coverage, or additives? Has Mercedes-Benz taken any steps to make adjustments or acknowledge the issue? I would be concerned if they were to make changes and then face annual payments of £1000 just for that! Do not recommend deletion, it is not a viable choice.
    My diesel vehicle achieves roughly 57+ mpg in the summer and 45 mpg in the winter. What mileage are petrol vehicle owners getting?
    They have a large dog, therefore they are aiming for an estate car. Are there any other problems to consider beyond the usual W205 features and accessories?

They need an automobile promptly since their current vehicle is unlikely to be suitable for everyday use much longer. I welcome assistance and insights, particularly about the sensors and adblue tanks concerns.

Greetings everyone.

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I had a Mercedes W205 2017 C220d 9G-Tronic for almost 2 years, travelling mostly on dual carriageways and in town traffic with some highway use. I did not have any problems during this time.

Compliant with ULEZ regulations and subject to a yearly fee of £30. Bought a certified pre-owned vehicle with a complimentary 2-year service plan, just had to pay for the MOTs. Inexpensive transportation until it was stolen from my driveway

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I would not purchase a Mercedes Benz automobile that is fitted with an AdBlue system.

I recommend looking at forums of other vehicle brands to find a similar-sized estate car that complies with EU6 emissions standards without using AdBlue. If that is not possible, consider finding an AdBlue system from a firm known for designing trustworthy systems.

To get an EU6 Mercedes, only petrol is suitable.

Subjective viewpoint.

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Recent years have seen diesel oil priced 5%-10% more on average than petrol, which should be considered.

For accurate comparison of miles per gallon (mpg), it is important to maintain consistent driving patterns. Diesel engines have a slower warm-up process and are less efficient on short trips, leading to potential expensive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) problems. Diesel engines perform best on frequent long-distance motorway or A-road trips.

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Agreed. They usually work locally, which takes around 20 minutes. During school holidays, they go from the South Coast to Cheltenham, which is about 190 miles each way.
Running on diesel would be more efficient, however I am considering using gas for town driving and work due to the factors you mentioned. They want to retain the automobile for an extended period, thus the need for it to be perfect.

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