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Repairing R107 brakes: replacing the bearing in the carrier


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Greetings, has anybody successfully replaced the bearings in this particular item and can provide any helpful suggestions or recommendations? This technology is used in many distinct automobile models.

The 10-ton hydraulic puller exhibited insufficient force to dislodge the carrier.


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Greetings,  I am now engaged in the restoration of a 450SL automobile as well. I am curious to know the ultimate resolution you arrived at for your restoration project. Additionally, would you happen to recall the specific bearing component number that you obtained in order to facilitate its replacement? Excellent work, by the way, which is really inspirational. Expressing gratitude is a customary social convention that is often used to acknowledge appreciation or recognition for a particular action or gesture.

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The identification of the appropriate part number for the oversized bearing proved to be a time-consuming task due to the absence of any discernible indications.

Upon doing an online search using the term "3816-B-2RS-TVH," a range of costs varying from £20 to £120 may be seen.

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I had a similar experience with my 124 coupé. The rear bearings had been firmly attached to the "flange" by a process resembling welding. I had already acquired NOS bearings, but, I found it necessary to purchase new flanges at a cost above 100€ apiece, in addition to acquiring splash protectors for the discs. Simultaneously, the differential and half shafts were removed for refurbishment.

Additionally, we proceeded to repair the rear brake pads and handbrake components, using a fully intact New Old Stock (NOS) kit that was readily available in our inventory.

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During that period, Mercedes-Benz requested a fee of $500 for each bearing replacement, but other brands such as SKF offered more cost-effective options.


I inserted them by using the previous external component.


The process of reassembling.



In my recollection, there was no definitive termination point, therefore I adjusted the depth to match the previous setting before to disassembling. It is important to note that measuring this depth beforehand is advisable.




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