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The DDE and CAS-3 systems were often synchronized with each other.


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Good day, everyone.

The 2008 BMW 320d e90 had battery-related difficulties, leading to repeated jump-starting attempts. This imprudent course of action is believed to have resulted in complications with the DDE (Digital Diesel Electronics) and CAS-3 (Car Access System-3). I successfully replaced the battery and interchanged the two modules from a donor vehicle, resulting in the successful initiation of the car's engine. Upon reattaching the panels underneath the bonnet and in the footwell, I made an endeavor to initiate the vehicle in order to transport it for tire replacement, just to encounter a recurrence of the same issue.

Upon engaging the ignition, activating the start function, and seeing the illumination of the lights, the subsequent deactivation of such lights, and the application of pressure to the clutch pedal, the engine is started. However, despite the engine's repeated attempts to ignite, it fails to achieve combustion.

What are the potential factors that might lead to a disruption in communication between the modules, or is there a possibility of an other underlying problem?

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Initially, I had intended to reestablish synchronization, procured a laptop, and made an endeavor to obtain ISTA/INPA software, but without success. I attempted to engage in a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, but unfortunately, it did not provide the desired results. Consequently, I resorted to acquiring a new DDE/CAS-3 module together with a corresponding key from an online marketplace, namely eBay.

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